Review: Samsung 860 QVO 2TB SSD (QLC NAND)

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Nov 27, 2018.

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    12TB isn't much, most of these drives are rated for 500TB+ depending on the make, Think my 850 2TB EVO is rated for 2000TB, most normal users will never hit this
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    Well, @ ~$299 for 2TB the price is coming down nicely! A few months back I bought a 2TB HD drive for ~$ there's still a lot of room to maneuver yet, on the pricing front. If and when Samsung can get a 2TB drive down to ~$149 (or maybe even a bit less), I'd say that the platter drives are marked for certain obsolescence. But that 1TB price is mighty nice--~$149! That's just $40 more than I paid for my EVO 850 256GB S3 drive (now booting the wife's machine) and later a 960 EVO 256GB NVMe booting mine...! Be interesting to see how this works for NVMe drives! You still cannot beat HDDs for cost per GB--SSD's are still multiples more expensive--and HDDs are completely unmatched for capacities--but the writing seems to be on the wall. Like everything, it's just a matter of time, eh?

    Speaking of HDDs...anyone hear anything lately about those internal RAID 0 platter drives under development? But even @ 350-400MBs/s (for largish files) the HDD's will still not catch even rudimentary Sata 3 SSD's in performance! Should be fun to see what develops!
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    For some obnoxious reason I trust Samsung about their SSDs with closed eyes. Now I have 2 Samsung 850s but since I ordered a Z390 M/B I'll get one SATA 860 for the OS and one for one of the two M.2 NVMe slots.
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    I think those 'internal raid' drives were intended to be used in enterprise only, with a very short span of the heads.
    So reduced storage as a lot of the fast enterprise drives, but double the R/W speed.
    I think the average consumer would be better off doing his own raid 0 on the chipset for a lot cheaper.
    At least giving it a try for a while.
    As for data retention on SSD's, my main PC was off for a month, fully unplugged, and no problems (or leaks) so far.
    I have some MLC m2 Sata SSD's i can test long term for data retention, but havent got any TLC or QLC ones.
    Will have to look for a cheap one of each if possible (128/256GB).

    edit : I have an old Intel SSD with windows 7 on it somewhere. that hasnt been booted up in two or more years, possibly 3 or 4. Have to find it first. :)
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    Hey you all !
    About the SSD Samsung QVO this SSD is slow 70mb/s when the cache is full (I think 45Gb) I would like to know if there is a way to flush and empty the SSD disk cache to get full average transfert speed (around 450Mb/s).. I tried the emptystandbylist.exe but no result... Any clue anyone ? Thx

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