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    Europe :) World really is relative. Here, $100 a month is barely enough to eat well while cooking and not using costly food delivery services.
    Roof over head is like $500~600. Even internet costs me like $30 and it is not exactly great.
    In Eastern Asia, there are places where living standard is much more reasonable when one has $100 a month.
    Sure, low income is prohibitive to ownership of newest and greatest things.

    But on west, low income is prohibitive in other ways. Like working minimal wage in village is fine. But one would not be able to live alone in larger cities.
    So, salary there is higher, but eaten locally by necessities, while people are not left with much afterwards.

    Someone who lives and works alone in my city for ~$1000 a month does not have bad life, but does not have money to buy modern HW either.
    (Sadly, our culture loves to live in debt, so people buy things even when they have no money. And in time their debt is paid, they overpaid 10~20%. Reducing own life standard and while they are at it, they get into another debt.)
    And it is really hard to persuade people to look into future instead of "I want it now."

    In general, west lives Facebook life. Where most people try to put out look that they are well off and happy through ownership. And hope that if they persuade others to believe in it, they themselves will start to feel it. Or maybe they think that others gained happiness through looking glass of others, and that they can too.
    But in reality, one can see people who burn their yearly savings on new iphone, $700 jeans and other trash. People who have depression because their apple watches are not newest generation and they are afraid that someone will notice.

    I think that as long as people are able to escape western materialism and find meaningful hobby, they can be truly happy. But in my years, I managed to pull very few people from traps of our world. And seen many to fall on their face and sink into mud because that was exactly what they wanted.

    Then I could get into really stupid part of our culture. Like people complaining that they have no money, but burn $100~150 on cigarettes and $100~200 on alcohol each month.
    But I think everyone gets memo.
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