Review: Noctua NH-U12A cooler

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, May 28, 2019.

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    It's really a matter of the CPU you use (each differs, even the TIM under IHS behaves differently), motherboard (the ability to keep the set voltage), chassis (as the airflow is different in most of them) and even things like the temperature in the room :) . It's hard to tell what temps would you have in reality.
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    I think it's a good decision that the 8700K was delidded for testing how effective coolers perform - as the review says it exposes the true ability of the coolers and distinguishes performance differences between the coolers more clearly. Also, a lot of us here are enthusiasts who would delid their CPU anyway (I'm one, which I did to my 6700K), so there's some even more direct validity there. Essentially you'd just choose the best cooler for whatever budget you're willing to spend, so these reviews will help you do that.

    I'm impressed that this new single tower cooler was nearly as good as the dual tower NH-D15. I like that the Noctua air coolers are really quite silent in their operation while retaining good performance - I get the impression that they're quieter than most AIO water coolers, while cooling almost as well or better in some cases. Plus you don't have as many parts that can fail when it comes to an air cooler. It's for all those reasons I've got a Noctua NH-D14.
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    I have 2 of these on my vega 64 liquid.
    i keep it on minimum rpm and thermals stay below 60,
    i have to look a them to check if they are on.
    very expensive but you do get some nice cable splinters and extenders in the box.
    Only other choice are gentle typhoon fans, they perform just as well.
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    I have the NH-U12S on my 8700K and it works great. I've not overclocked the total frequency of the CPU, but I have toggled to have ALL cores boost to 4.7ghz in the MSI bios. Temps are pretty low and had zero problems with it even in the summer when it was very warm. Noctua make good stuff and recommend them.

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    You could pull 4.7GHz off on a 8700K with pretty much any cooler. It's nice to have that OC headroom since you're going to need it. You essentially don't have an upgrade path for just the CPU, and you'll be losing performance with the onslaught of security patches. I really do believe Intel knew exactly what they were doing.

    I said it during the Mesozoic Era, and I'll say it again now: Noctua need to stop being smug stubborn assholes, stop mocking potential customers, and sell their items REGULARLY (not "Okay, pay us $400 for a colour mod.") with options aside from grandpa diarrhea brown. No company other than the literal best would have gotten away with it. They remind me so much of Research in Motion (Blackberry).

    I have an NH-D15 AM4 Asshole Edition, and I'm satisfied with it, but I absolutely would NOT have bought it if there was literally any other high end AM4 cooler available at that time. It was the only high end one which came with the mounting, all the others required separate shipping for mounting with unknown delivery time if they had it at all. It's so ugly that I bought the "Chromax" cover for it in white to reflect the case lights off it. For $100 you'd think they'd include the entire cooler and not just the bare bones.
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    the Rolls-Royce of air coolers:D:D:D
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    I meant tier list lol, no idea why I typed template. Overall I want to find the best sub $70 cooler for a zen2 8core.
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    Just bought this cooler, and when compared to my H100i (using very simple testing methodology) its same same for temp, but literally night and day for noise.
    At load the Noctua setup is barely louder than the H100i setup at idle...
    I honestly never thought my PC used to be all that noisy.. until post-Noctua. Its crazy.

    I'm actually a fan of the looks and colour tbh. Kinda this weird premium look.. hate to say it, but its almost hipster to like the colour ha.

    I'm very curious tho about the push+pull setup on the cooler, vs a single fan setup in push or pull...
    As the heatsink is very radiator like.. and on rads, a push+pull config has diminishing results.
    Would the same ring true for the NH U12A?
    How much temp do you lose for how much increased noise?
    I bought 3 extra NF-A12x25 to use as case fans, kind of be interesting to see if the extra cooler supplied fan, would be better used as an additional case fan, and would hence raise the value of the cooler by potentially sacrificing a few deg and having 1 less case fan to buy.

    As for the value.. in Australia.. the cooler is $160, the fans are $60 each.. (approx retail, I got mine cheaper else where)
    So I think the value is there considering how good the fans are, compared to say Corsair fans (or the likes)

    I prob could have gotten the best of both worlds of slightly lower temps using my H100i, but a quieter PC.. by just swapping out all my fans for the NF-A12x25s. But imagine the costs.

    BUT, the reason for the purchase, was because my H100i's pump shat the bed after less than 6 months. And is getting refunded under warranty..
    Kinda wish I could have held out for the option of the upcoming (mid 2020 supposdly) of the black/Chromax NH-U12A cooler and NF-A12x25 fans - need to buy shares in Noctua for sure, they've been losing sales for sure based of colour alone.

    *Screw it I'm actually going to use my basic testing methodology and give it a crack doing 1v2 fan performance.

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