Review: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 Gaming X 3GB

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Aug 22, 2016.

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    HIS R9 290
    Uh... no? The FIRST gaming benchmark in this article proves you wrong. The 1060 is 30% faster than the 380X (which is basically the same thing as the 280X). There may be other tests with a lower percentage difference but I see no point in looking seeing as I already proved your exaggeration wrong.
    As I said in my original comment, the 6GB model is a little different. That's on the borderline between worth getting and not worth getting.

    You have a point there, but you're forgetting 3 things:
    1. If he's looking for the best performance-per-dollar, the 2nd 280X is the better option. He's clearly on a budget. If funding wasn't an issue, why do you think he decided to consider the 1060 3GB model rather than the 6GB?
    2. Selling the GPU is easier said than done. We are assuming here that he needs to sell it in order to fund a new GPU. If he wants to be ready for a sale, that means he probably shouldn't be actively using it; he should clean out the dust and re-package it so it's ready to ship as soon as it sells. But that being said, he doesn't know how long the wait period will be. Could be a few days, could be a few months.
    3. Summer is ending soon.

    He's got a CX750M and a presumably non-OCed i5. The PSU will be fine. In my experience, Crossfire has worked just fine. It only sucks for people who can't find the time to spend 5 minutes tinkering with the profile settings.
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    nVidia 1060 3GB Its the bes product on price and performance balance, good OC rezults helped me to play Doom 2016 4K@40-60fps on high&Ultra custom graphics:)

    Next card will be 1080Ti

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