Review: Metro Exodus: PC graphics performance analysis

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    1080Ti G1 GAMING OC
    GOTY !
    I think the benchmark should be ignored, at 4K ultra ,physX and hair on , never went below 37 fps thru the whole game, even when streaming or recording with ultra settings , DX11 ran awesome , i had the best possible experience , i never pay full price for a game , Metro Exodus was more than worth it for me.
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    I have ran the built-in benchmark with same settings stated @The review.
    1440p, Ultra, tesselation full, motion blur normal, vsync off, hairworks off, advanced physx on, Texture filtering 16x , shading rate 100% but dx11 as i am using win7 still.
    Asus rampage IV BE
    Xeon e5 1650 v2 @4.2ghz
    2x8GB Ddr3 2133mhz cl11
    Msi lightning LE GTX 980Ti @1499mhz clock @4001mhz memory (hynix)

    I get an average of 43fps.
    Where an stock 980ti here is averaging@33 fps. I knew it. These cards are a beast overclocker. If any one want to know msi afterburner settings for it, pleaee do knock me.
    I think i could achieve more clock from aux voltage fine tuning , may be 1540mhz . But doesnt worth the time.
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