Review: Intel Core i9 9900KS processor - all cores at 5 GHz

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Nov 15, 2019.

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    Umm no. If you have the motherboard for this chip, you're not suddenly going to need a new motherboard next year> Not sure wtf you are even talking about. It's like telling me that even though I have a z370 and an 8600k - "hey next year you'll need to upgrade to a new mobo if you want to keep using that CPU" - ummm NO. Maybe you worded this wrong, but it just sounds like nonsense.

    As for technology progressing and you requiring a new mobo when you upgrade after a few years, that's normal and been the case for a very long time and isn't about to change.
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    you're going to need a new motherboard to install the 10th gen.
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    Can you read?

    I mean no offense but the guy you quoted, please read again, and i'll bold the important part:

    "It would be a great processor if not for the fact that next year you'll need a new motherboard (again) to be able to upgrade."

    Nothing about his statement is worded incorrectly as you state. It doesn't state that "hey next year you'll need to upgrade to a new mobo if you want to keep using that CPU", not even remotely does it state that. It literally states if you want to upgrade the CPU, you'll need to get a new motherboard.

    Simple as that, not really sure how you read it any differently.
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    I don't really understand this community of late. As soon as AMD came around, everyone's mind instantly changed from "I want the fastest processor, how much can it overclock to" and instead went to "I want the best bang for buck, how high is that TDP on that Intel chip, urggh!". A few years ago people were more interested in speed and overclocking than anything else, i never really heard comments about people worrying about power consumption, cost was there in peoples minds but not really forefront... this is a tech enthusiast website after all!

    I'm happy with my 9900KS. Next year I'll upgrade my 1080ti to a 3080ti (or whatever it is), then maybe the year after I'll see what Intel and AMD have on the CPU front, assuming it's worthwhile to upgrade

    Last thing I purchased was my 1080ti a couple of years ago for about £800 and then 2 years previous to that I bought my 4790k/mobo. Compared to upgrading and buying aftermarket parts for my car, PCs are an incredibly cheap hobby!

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    I'm going to see if I can hold off till the next Ryzen release (where they hopefully beat intel in pure clockspeed / ipc). That 9900KS is currently still king for gaming, though AMD is better for its price or for an all-round system that does both gaming and productivity.

    My 5820K is starting to show its age.
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    There are multiple types of consumers. I used to buy a PC thinking it would last 3 to 5 years, and would try to buy better than what I needed and still could afford. Usually I always upgraded GPU before having to upgrade everything.

    Today, things are different. I've shifted for the best performance/price I can get, and what is worth more to me in the long run. I could have bought the Ryzen 3600 for 210€ and settle for some years (3 or 4). Eventually gaming will move forward and also my workloads would require an upgrade. I'm sure AM4 wont be here after 2021, as DDR5 and PCIe5 are coming, so I'd have to change everything.

    So I did the wisest option: instead of buying one CPU I can't afford and not have any food for 3 months or more (3900X or 3950X), I bought a discounted Ryzen 2600 for 130€, saving 80€ in relation to Ryzen 3600, that will work just fine for whatever the time I'll have it until I upgrade. I will upgrade to a higher core count when AMD releases a new socket: I'll buy the old generation again, at a discount.

    You can argue I could have bought the 3900X now, for example, spending 570€. But I bought Ryzen 2600 for around 38% off price. 3900X costs 570€, I could well see it at around 355€ in a year time. So, 130€ I spent on 2600 + 355€ for a 3900X is still cheaper than buying the 3900X today. I'll still get something from selling the Ryzen 2600 and don't have to spend months without eating.

    There is no excuse for having a new motherboard+socket with every CPU. Yes, power delivery is a constraint, that's why we have TDP. Type of memory and features can be reduced or not working fully (PCIe and others). But if a company wants to have a long life socket, they just design it to be that way. People are too used to intel BS.

    If you want a new CPU, you need a new motherboard. You can't just slot in a new Intel CPU on a previous gen board.

    Ya, Intel still has a strong mindshare to make people believe you need a new socket with every "new" generation. Let me brake your bubble: you don't really need a new socket, they just put a few extra pins and change it so you have to buy their chipset and make motherboard vendors happy.

    I'm out.
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    I'm happy with my 5960X @ 4.7Ghz, 4400Mhz Cache + 1080 Ti.


    9900KS @ 5Ghz is a joke really.
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    Guys I have a big problem with this ......hard to don't say a bad word.... cpu - 9900ks.
    PS sorry for my bad english.

    First of all my setup:
    1. 9900ks no OC at all
    2. aorus master z390 g2 (checked f9/f10/f11c bios and all newest drivers)
    3. rtx 2080ti msi trio x (checked few drivers)
    4. 4x8 ddr4 4000MHz Viper Steel 19-19-19-39-2T 1,35V (checked Vdimm from 1,35 to 1,41V and VCCIO with Agent to 1,30V max)
    5. samsung 950 pro m.2 512gb
    6. xpg 8200 pro m.2 1tb
    7. HDD 6TB WD Green
    8. DVD-RW
    9. leadex platinum 1000W psu
    10. water cooling custom loop with 3x360rads only for cpu and almost 30 fans in my case (most of them 120mm fans) PS. yes - almost 30 fans....

    Now the problem. Cpu at stock in bios show me 1,33V and with using XMP 1,4V !!! XMP raising cpu voltage and try to set vccio and agent to 1,4V too.
    Temperatures were way too high 80*C+. On aorus forum people told me to go manual and lower voltages so I started my fight.
    After few days I thought it is over and everything looks good with 1,25V on CPU, 1,36V on DDR4 4000MHz, 1,26V on VCCIO and SystemAgent.
    Then - problems in few games (BFV and RDR2) - BSOD (too fast to read code but in windows I checked it - kernel power 41) and 4 short beeps from bios after self restart, but after moment computer turn on without any problem.
    Read alot on google - tried to raise vccio/agent/vdimm and vcore. Tested my ram for hours in few memory stressing programs without errors.
    Finished on 1,28V on cpu but still BSODs or freezes. Temperatures too hot - with 1,28V in Prime95 with AVX 95*C on few cores really fast and then BSOD (again too fast to read error code - so i changed in windows to not turn off after error - but computer still power off after bsod).
    Weird thing that there is no minidump in windows folder after those bsods - folder is empty.
    I gave him 1,3V - with AVX after few seconds 95*C+ or BSOD again. Normal programs or games without AVX are low 80*C max and stable but I want to have AVX stable too.
    I tested mount my water block on cpu two times - looks good.
    What is wrong with those voltages and temperatures ? What if I set recommended in bios 1,33V ? I will see 110-130*C ? On water cooling ?!
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    and now your doing the same thing, giving (narrow minded) advice telling ppl to shift hobbies if they cant afford (the most expensive) stuff?
    i don't know anyone that wouldn't like to get a better (paying) job, to afford different things (not just better hardware),
    but it doesn't just happen because we want it to, or we would all be ceo's making double digit millions every year. :rolleyes:

    and what brand ppl buy has changed, because a lot of ppl are tired of the same "10% gains for 30% more cost" from intel, andt he more or less need to change board after at least one more cpu cycle, making upgrades for everyday joe even more expensive.

    or they realise that (outside high fps) gaming above 1080p res will show virtually no difference between brands, except for price.
    and when i can get the ram and maybe a watercooler or even a motherboard for the difference in price compared to intel without affecting performance, why not?
    not even mentioning that not everyone runs a xx80ti (cpu bottleneck), so saving lets say +200$ on a ryzen 3600 (vs buying the i7),
    will allow more money to be spend on the gpu, getting much better gains in fps than a smaller card with an i7/9.

    im still willing to spend more money on better/faster hardware, but that doesnt mean im gonna stick with a brand because its the fastest (which i did in the past),
    or because they have 5 fps more @720p.
    i rather go and buy what i need to get the job done, not what i could buy.
    even with the fact that i have a better paying job now (compared to when i bought my last intel).

    just because "you" have the means to buy a +500K 2 door sports car, doesnt mean you need ione to get to/from work,
    nor that its the best car for everything else (groceries/shopping), just because its faster or has more HP than a golf or other car.
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