Review: Intel Core i7-10700K processor (8c/16t)

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    This review is quite the different experience to my i7-10700k. It runs quick, cool and stable on air.

    I am using the 7 year old Noctua NH-U14s I took off my old but still great i7-4770k.

    While I had some heat issues initially relying on all auto or not going through a standard mythological process I have read some peoples guides and help threads. Thankfully, I just did it my way while it took me quite a few hours to get the ideal stable overclock I have mine running per core 5.2-5.1ghz dynamic between vcore 1.34-1.38v, LLC on mode 4, ring 48, with my g.skill 3200mhz 15-15-15-36 ram OC to 3600mhz 16-16-16-32 at 1.38v.

    When I run Cinebench r20 for example the hottest core is #4 that hits high 70s and sometimes low 80 degrees. That's the peak of it in any test when all cores at 100% on air.

    Running all the same synthetic benchmarks Get considerably better scores..

    It goes faster and stays within safe and steady temps when setting the cpu at 1.41v, fixed and power saving stuff off am able to sit on 5.4ghz still on air and yet to go over 92 degrees when stress testing the CPU. However, I prefer to save power and $ and have it stable with 4 cores on 5.2 and rest on 5.1 and hyperthreading etc always on.. (First two and last two cores at 52... Not sure if it actually would use the 4 cores in a game at 5.2 but since they run the coolest and require least voltage. Why not. Good old HWiNFO64)

    It is stable as a rock and still have the power saving and all features on apart from C1E disabled.

    I am using the MSI Z490 Gaming Carbon Wifi mboard and Corsair AX860 PSU.

    Anyway, just thought people should know this chip if set up right in the bios runs damn fast and not certainly not too hot. I generally game in 4K with all the eye candy on, but have done all the lower resolutions to try and make it trip up. All the 3DMark tests. Have an RTX 2080 Ti that is overclocked to its safe max but is still is the bottleneck in all resolutions.

    Let me know if you want to know more info as it's a beauty CPU that runs fine on an old well serving cooler.

    My CPU-Z account name is same as this where I get 6300 multi and 625 single core at 5.1ghz. and my 3DMark name is SoppingClam_Cptj get 30181 in Firestrike with just a single GPU at 5100mhz. A couple examples.


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