Review: Gigabyte G1.Sniper B6

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Apr 3, 2015.

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    ive just buy one theses boards its a great looking board . i had an asrock extreme4 z97 with sli 970 i had problem with it heating up near the on/off button and getting hot in general so i got a refund from amazon and sold one my gtx 970 and decided go back to single card gaming with this motherboard and im happy with the choice my temps are so much cooler and lower power consumption with this board and a single gpu
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    I wouldn't buy this board for SLI and in fact i think it's a bit on the cheap side for high end SLI gfx cards.

    It's probably one of the best budget Mobo's money can buy but like i said, if i was in the market for an SLI board then this wouldn't be it.

    Great board though for one high end gfx card and a PhysX card.
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