Review: GeForce RTX 3080 Ti founder edition

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jun 2, 2021.

  1. Hilbert Hagedoorn

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    Say hello to our newly found friend, yes the Ti models of the 3080 are being uncovered today. It's a graphics card series that will sit in-between 3080 and 3090 performance levels, and yeah that is c...

    Review: GeForce RTX 3080 Ti founder edition
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  2. tunejunky

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    RX 6800 RTX 2070
    normally people buy the first wave and are a bit bitter about the refresh. not so much this time. due to everyone's least favorite player, the penetration of regular Ampere in the market was minimal. now, with some sideline prodding from AMD, we see a truly desirable product (incl. 3070ti).
    hopefully there was a decent order put into Samsung so we can have decent numbers of these on the market.
  3. Undying

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    Aorus RX580 XTR 8GB
    Most underwhelming product in while. Could this be more disappointing? Basically a 3090 with half vram and inflated price.
  4. Dragam1337

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    Rtx 3090 Strix OC
    Interesting results - the gap between the 3090 and 3080 ti is surprisingly big in several titles at 4k.

  5. stereoman

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    Palit RTX 3080 GPRO
    Honestly was expecting to see bigger numbers than this compared to my 3080 and when you consider the board partner cards being gimped as far as mining and the price that these are going to sell for once the scalpers get hold of them, I'm feeling very good about my 3080 purchase last year.
  6. ChisChas

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    ASUS Strix 3080 OC
    Thank you, Hilbert, for your usual comprehensive review, of course you have to review this excessively expensive (the price gamers will actually pay for AIB cards) & virtually unobtainable card. As already stated, in the main the FPS's are disappointing compared to the 3080 results.
  7. Legacy-ZA

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    Gainward GTX580
    The most disappointing GPU series launch in the history of gaming graphics, overpriced at MSRP and no stock.
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  8. barbacot

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    Asus 3080 Strix OC
    It's 500 $ more expensive than 3080 but uses the same cooling solution that clear is not enough looking at the temperatures - hopefully NVIDIA partners will come with more adequate solution.
    So FE should be skipped - wait for offers from NVIDIA partners...
    It is a very good card but now when MSRP is a thing that no one cares and the "real" prices are dictated by low stock or no availability the price will be stellar more than sure - maybe this will release some pressure from 3080 but I highly doubt that with this miners craziness.
    3080Ti with the mining brakes put in place by NVIDIA maybe will be a decent offer IF - and it's a big if - NVIDIA can supply enough chips.
    No pressure on them from AMD unfortunately which also can't supply enough high end chips so the situation for gamers is not great this year - maybe next year...
  9. RealNC

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    EVGA GTX 980 Ti FTW
    lol, 70% higher MSRP price for 8% higher performance compared to the 3080.

    As somebody else said already: "this is highway robbery." Is this what nvidia meant with "we want to help gamers?"
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  10. rsouzadk

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    RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra
    Overly overpriced in comparsion to regular 3080, regarding gaming performance.

  11. deusex

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    3090 FTW3 Ultra
    Price / performance wise this product doesn't make sense.
  12. Robbo9999

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    GTX1070 @2050Mhz
    3080ti was never gonna be that exciting because there already wasn't a big performance difference between 3080 & 3090, and of course the 3080ti has to slot between the two. I just hope supply starts to ramp up dramatically and prices start to return to normal.....I'm in a queue for a almost reference priced 3080 but I'm kinda doubting I'll get it as I think they will stop making that SKU before the place I bought it from is able to receive enough to clear the backlog & get to my order! I might even ride out this generation in totality and just play a backlog of games that my GTX1070 can certainly handle.
  13. Agonist

    Agonist Ancient Guru

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    6800XT 16GB
    Boy I am happy with my 6800xt after seeing this.
    AMD bitch slapping Nvidia with FSR and now this.
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  14. CrazY_Milojko

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    Asus STRIX 1070 OC
    @Hilbert Hagedoorn

    "...The good news is that the new NVIDIA SKUs are mostly hash-rate limited on the AIB side, preventing cryptocurrency miners from dominating sales...."

    I've thought NVidia was the one to limit hash rate on new LHR revision GPU's, not AIBs, or am I wrong?

    "...The reality, however, is also that NVIDIA can only fabricate only a certain number of GPUs, and they'll still need to make the call on how much allocation ends up at gamers and how much is intended for other markets. We hope NVIDIA will make wise decisions because if the trend continues, then the PC gaming market will die off as they need to realize what software houses will invest in PC gaming if that market is on a sharp decline?..."

    Sad but true. If this mining nonsense continues (or even spikes that hard every 4 years) with way overpriced GPUs PC gaming as a hobby is in real danger. NVidia and AMD (we'll see what Intel has to offer) should reconsider their decisions about what's going to happen one day after the dust settles down and (maybe) GPU mining won't be viable option anymore. Who's gonna left to buy their overpriced GPU's, except few entusiast here and there? And what those entusiast are going to play on their overpriced GPU beasts one day on their "PC gaming sinking ship" IF most major game developers migrate to consoles (except indie games developers) and PC once more will become strictly office/content creator platform like back in the days when Amiga was dominating personal computer gaming platform (together with Nintendo and Sega consoles). Hope this worse case scenario won't happen i.e. NVidia and AMD realise what might happen around the corner. Guess they see what might happen and calculate risk involved... but do they really care for PC gamers is the right question.

    We'll see what's gonna happen in next 5, 10 years from now. Really hope PC as a gaming platform will survive these rough times and one day all of us here will be laughing with our kids/grandkids on our lap:

    " know, once not so long time ago, GPUs made for PC gaming were used for crypto mining... used gaming capable GPUs were priced like a fey years old well maintained 2nd hand car... and us PC gamers we were desperate because we couldn't buy new GPUs as they were almost impossible to get, at least not for some reasonable cash... and GPU manufacturers were robbing us gamers with some insane MSRP prices...".

    Kid on the lap: "...No sh*t!? Cool story bro, now let me play just released Call of Duty: Terminator 2050 on my new gaming PC you've bought me last week...".
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  15. Mineria

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    Asus RTX 3080 Ti
    Almost calling it out as a useless filler product.
    Price is to high too, but that can be said to the MSRP of all 3xxx series cards, since the performance bump from previous gen is way lower than what the increase has been for years, add the increased MSRP to that and notice how you are going to pay quite a lot more to get the same increase as one did with previous gens.

  16. vestibule

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    GTX1070 Zotac mini
    Poo! Smell it. My nostrils are filled with it. Bad one Hilbert, take it away, to smelly. :)
  17. Ivrogne

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    Potato GPU
    Good card for sure, but not at that price.
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  18. tty8k

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    Ati 5850
    This is a marketing move, not aiming to help/satisfy the casual gamer.

    Seeing that 3090 wasn't an attractive option for miner/gamer (mind the order) they want to milk it out more by dropping the price a bit and reducing onboard memory.

    Thing is ... there is no market for this board.
    In an ideal world you either have money for a 3080 or a 3090.
    If it was priced up to 1 grand could possibly fit for those that have 3080 budget and can stretch a bit more.

    400W consumption is also a joke, sad one.
  19. asturur

    asturur Maha Guru

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    Geforce Gtx 1080TI
    They should have been honest and call this `3080PI`, leaving it a normal 3080 with a Price Increase.
    Just be straight about it, we decided to rise the price of the 3080 to 1199 since you pay more for it anyway, but we did not feel like making a new product.
  20. mackintosh

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    Aorus 2080Ti
    Not the first nvidia cash grab, won't be the last. Those with more disposable income than common sense (or miners) will snatch it up no questions asked. The rest of us will watch from the sidelines. This will be a good card to pick up on the used market when the 4k-series hits though. Assuming they will produce them in volume.

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