Review: F1 2021: PC graphics benchmarks and performance analysis

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    all Raytracing is performed after Raster in the Shader stage, RDNA2 is just capable of doing it at any shader stage in-line in hardware (Tier 1.1)

    Ampere can do exactly the same with ultimate capable drivers (not sure about Turing),

    RDNA2 is ahead because of developer fine tuning the engine on that hardware, nothing more nothing less.
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    amd.jpg [​IMG]

    RX6000 always take higher performance hit with RT, there is no way around it, because RX6000 has higher rasterization performance in this game, the final hybrid Raster/RT performance is comparable between RX6000 and RTX3000.
    Developers can minimize the RT latency cost by cutting Rays counts, AMD sponsored games always do this, RE Village only does 1/4 resolution RT Reflections meanwhile CP2077 will punish RX6000 with full res RT Reflections.

    Note: I had to change the RX6800XT chart a little because it top out at 300FPS, meanwhile 3080 tops out at 250FPS.
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    That is because of licensing. Typical terms of official games like this is no deviation. Adding custom tracks strays from the official tracks and therefore away from the official Formula1 calendar.
    I agree with you though, it would be nice to add custom tracks, And better liveries or rather full livery customisation like you see in the Need for Speed/Forza titles.

    I'd love to see classics or maybe create some of our own test tracks for tuning and car setups.
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    Hmm, I'm not convinced that would be the case - but I have no references or citations for that opinion.

    IF the track/course designer/editor did not have the ability to alter/change existing courses/tracks, I'm not sure why allowing players to create original tracks (especially a custom test track) would impact a license (partially) based on the existing tracks.

    I would have thought that the biggest issue with the licence would be if they made Silverstone with a bonus ramp at the end, with a flaming hoop...I think that is what the licence would prevent from happening, but the players? The players surely would not have an impact on the F1 licence, that's impossible.

    If you can generate as much $ as you want through DLC/lootbox shenanigans, you can put a level editor into your game ffs. :mad:

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