Review: Deepcool CK560 chassis

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Apr 22, 2022.

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    This time, we’re checking out the Deepcool CK560, an airflow-oriented mid-sized ATX tower PC chassis. I had an almost instant deja-vu when I saw the first materials about it. Why’s that? It looks ...

    Review: Deepcool CK560 chassis
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    Just a couple of comments on this nice review...I like sub-$100 cases, frankly, as I think the utility-to-cost ratios are excellent on many of these offerings even today. And if I understand the review, this is a sub-$100 E-ATX case, which is also very nice for the price these days. I'm still using my old Antec 302 because in all of the time since, I haven't found anything I like as well--and nothing I like as well for the money. I think I paid $65 for my Antec 302, but the 302 has what I find lacking in most new mid-tower cases today, and that is a nice array of tool-free (sliding rail) 3.5" HD bays!

    NewEgg is out of stock, of course, and I cannot find them anywhere at all these days. But the one I bought several years ago is still running strong. I don't need/want liquid cooling, so the arrangement is fine for me. I happen to use six 3.5" hard drives, and two NVMe drives (mounted on my motherboard), but this case also supports ~2 2.5" Sata SSD drive positions, but I don't use those. Cooling is fine with a push-pull Noctua dual fan CPU cooler, and a 120mm side intake fan and the 120mm rear exhaust fan and a 140mm top exhaust fan, and all five fans are of course Noctua. Quiet is the word, and cool.

    Anyway...I don't need radiator(s), but I do like my Sata 3 Hard drives, no problem--which I have brought with me through several previous builds. Always helps to have the space for them, and cases that don't have the space are instantly rejected.

    Nice review of the Deepcool CK560, but I can't use it because of the paltry 3.5" HD mounting arrangement. But that seems true of a lot of cases these days. About the only case I've seen which has an alternate configuration for people like me who don't need a lot of space for radiators and the attached fans, and would prefer the case have a lot of tool-free SATA 3 HD space, instead, is a really spiffy Fractal Design I looked at with that exact configuration flexibility! I'll probably go that that route when I can talk myself into spending ~$200 for that particular model. I guess I have to pay for my eccentricities--that weren't so eccentric a few years ago. Time flies.

    If you don't need the 3.5" Sata HD configuration, the Deepcool looks good, imo. The side panel does not allow for an intake fan, and the stamped front-panel ventilation holes seem pedestrian in shape and not actually large enough to suit me, imo. But these may be very minor considerations considering what your needs may be.
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    All I want to say is, that after reading through a few case reviews on some other websites, (that will remain nameless), Mr. Hukalowicz most definitely knows how to do a proper review. Everything I wanted to know, and see, was presented quite well. Clearly, this gentleman deserves a promotion, raise in pay, and a six-week, expenses paid vacation, because his so-called peers in this area of tech review are clueless pretenders. Competence and expertise should be well-rewarded.
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    Nice thorough review Hilbert!

    I like that case

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    Thank you very much, I appreciate your opinion :)

    Thanks, I try to do my best ;)

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