Review: Crucial MX300 with 2 Terabyte storage SSD

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. Hilbert Hagedoorn

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    Crucial recently released new versions of the MX300 SSD series, among them a huge 2 Terabyte model which we will review. The MX300 series should offer a bit more storage space yet remain more price-co...

    Review: Crucial MX300 with 2 Terabyte storage SSD
  2. FrostNixon

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    RX 5700 XT
    Great review as always! For anyone hungry for storage this might be the best choice. However for a large percentage of the users (me included), who have a Windows installation, 10-20gb of programs, and a few games, even 500gb is an overkill, so honestly I can't see how you will fill up a 2tb ssd.
  3. __hollywood|meo

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    MSI 970 @1.55ghz
    interesting read. thanks boss. i was keeping an eye on mx300 prices over black friday/cyber monday week; there were some great deals on the smaller 275 & 525gb models! i doubt the larger capacity drives will be discounted too steeply for the holidays...but one can hope. considering the odd (but very welcome) 25-50 extra gigs & the respectable performance, the entire product line is pretty reasonably priced already imo

    if ya cant tell, im a fan of crucial/micron :p the 850 evos from samsung are of course a little, or significantly faster - depending on the type of file access...but theyre more expensive. im keeping my eyes peeled for another sale on either in the upcoming week :D doubt ill spring for the 2tb tho
  4. Ziggymac

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    Asus 970 Strix SLi
    This would be the perfect SSD to store a big Steam library on.

    I currently have a 2Tb 7200rpm drive holding all my Steam games and would love to switch them all over to a large capacity SSD like this.

  5. gerardfraser

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    R9 290 Crossfire
    Thanks for the great review.
    I have 4TB Raid 0 for my steam games and running out of space and some of the games are a pain to load up fast.

    I think a new build is in order with new Ryzen CPU,Board,Ram,Vega GPU and a four of these drives.

    Oh well 5 grand for new system and fast SSD'S seems like a great way to waste some cash for gaming.
  6. Agonist

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    6800XT 16GB
    This is why I run a main SSD just for an OS because I have way to many games installed.
    I have a 1TB mechanical for all my steam games that don't need an SSD or play all the time. Then I have a 480GB SSD for my most played steam games and ones that need faster load times.
    Then I have a 2TB mechanical for Uplay,GOG,Origin games and 512GB SSD for the same.
    Id love to replaced both mechanical drives with 2TB SSD for each and this just may be the drive I get.
  7. moeppel

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    1080 Ti
    Been a fan of Crucial SSDs and particularly so since the Samsung longlevity issues prior to the EVO introduction which effectively made my first Samsung SSD unusable unless I re-installed everything every other month.

    It seems my 'trust' has not been misplaced, although one of the BX versions were a let down if I recall correctly.

    These days I'm running like 4 SSDs ranging from 250gb to 500gb each. 3/4 are Crucial and have been doing their jobs just fine at attractive price points. Eventually I might find myself picking up larger sizes but for now I am fine with how things are and while the GB/$ ratio hasn't gotten worse it also hasn't improved. 500 bucks for a drive isn't exactly my cup o' tea :D
  8. tsunami231

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    EVGA 1070Ti Black
    would love a 1/2tb ssd for games and storage, but not at 500$

    What Samsung SSD did you have my 830 128gb SSD still going strong, then again it only has 25gb on is used at any time, and sololy for OS and few programs
  9. Fox2232

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    This is great, I stopped modding ARK because their SDK became too large and required SSD of painless operation. But for each update it required free space equal this entire huge installation.

    My games are on Raid 0 HDDs or on SSD based on use. Yes, I have only few of them installed and I feel no need to have them all at once.

    And I see those drives as great for many people.
  10. Fender178

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    GTX 1070 | GTX 1060
    I just picked up a 525gb MX300 for an upgrade to my boot drive so I can put some more applications on it. And my boot drive is a MX100 256gb. Also I checked the price on Amazon for the 2TB version of the MX300 and its not that bad @ $550 bucks compared to the $750 Samsung 850 EVO 2TB both prices are based on Amazon's pricing.
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