Review: BitFenix Portal mITX chassis

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Mar 15, 2017.

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    We review the BitFenix Portal Mini ITX chassis. A small form-factor compact chassis with curved looks, high stands and something that can house even the most lengthy graphics card inside the chassis. ...

    Review: BitFenix Portal mITX chassis
  2. Zero Messiah

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    This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.
  3. Ziggymac

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    The stand on this is a complete design failure in relation to the point of a small mini-itx build.

    It takes up too much desk space, making the footprint of the case unnecessarily large, as it is the damn things wider than my Mid size ATX case and would actually be harder for me to find space for it on my desk.

    ..other than that, very nice.
  4. ubercake

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    Looks pretty cool. I am really considering this for my next gaming build.

    Has anyone found or does anyone know of a SFF PSU that will actually fit in there? Which make/model?

    How about a list of aftermarket CPU coolers that will fit?

    It would be very helpful if the case manufacturers start producing QVLs/compatibility lists for these Mini-ITX cases (like motherboard manufacturers do for memory on motherboards) so you know which coolers and PSUs will fit.

  5. ubercake

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    You raise a great point.

    Why make something with such an efficient use of space and so small only to make it larger again in the end?

    Maybe some weighted feet no wider than the width of the case itself? I'm sure that would add to the cost all the way around, but may keep the design compact?
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  6. Please my friend check the Bitfenix official website :)
    When in the Portal page click Download Center and there You will see the compatibility list
  7. schmidtbag

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    This is a really cool design, and I'm impressed how it can fit such large GPUs in it (my ITX case is shorter, but fatter than this one and is limited to 255mm) and even that is pretty big.

    Aside from the fact that this case seems to take up more space than necessary, I'd say my main complaint about it would be the underwhelming air flow. It's certainly not bad, but considering the size of the components it can fit, I think some hotter-running parts might get choked for cool air. I think if this case were slightly smaller (so, intentionally crippling high-wattage things that you can put in it) it would be perfect.
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  9. TheSarge

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    The cake is a lie!
  10. LevelSteam

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    Seasonic and Corsair both make some decent SFX form factor PSUs, and as far as a low profile CPU coolers, I've had a lot of success with Noctua's NH-L9i and NH-L9x65. For higher TDP CPUs you might want to roll with a more ventilated case though. This one looks great, bit airflow might be a little hard to come by.

    With that said, I really love the look of this case. The only things I don't care for is how restricted the airflow seems (sure you can put a 2.5 slot GPU in there, but what are your temps going to be?), and how those front panel connections are actually going to cooperate when you go to push that sled back in. It seems like a better solution would have been to jack all the front panel stuff into a male connection on the mobo sled, then have it rigged to interface with a female connection when it's pushed back in. But that's just my two cents.

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