Review: ASUS ROG Maximus XII Hero

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    Looking for a year-end Mobo deal at the computer show this past weekend the boys from Varanasi told me that Asus Z490 buyers have been experiencing problems in getting their LAN to work. ASUS cannot help and is basically all talk. Not even a new BIOS update, driver hotfixes and new cables will help. Even INTEL updated drivers are not working. It appears that there are problems with the I225-V (LAN Chip) and Asus want to keep this issue hushed. Simply this being a hardware problem and no software or driver updates can permanently fix it. What has been done to date is only bandaging the problem. Many new Mobo purchaser's in frustration (disconnected their onboard NIC) and installed a new PCIE NIC and gotten it to work without a hitch! But its another $50 or so out of pocket to simply forego ones valuable system downtime, non-working drivers, hanging on the telephone and difficult RMA's. Will the new Z590 Mobo's in early 2021 get a new NIC chip? Anyway, the best advice is probably to stay away from purchasing any (2020) Z490 leftover boards using the embedded I225-V Ethernet controller and buy in a few weeks time a Z590 MOBO? Any Thoughts or experiences?

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