Review: ASUS ProArt PA278QV Monitor

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    In this article, we will test the ASUS ProArt PA278QV. The panel is made based on an 8-bit IPS matrix without FRC with a good 27 inches diagonal. Frameless display has WQHD resolution (2560 × 1440) and is priced at a 299 USD / €349,- marker

    Read the review right here.

    Review: ASUS ProArt PA278QV Monitor
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    Great review! This is a nice 2560x1440 monitor for the 299 USD price tag.
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    Hii , when i saw the review of this monitor i get excited cause i juts get mine yesterday and i make a research about this monitor and is much more than what you say on this review.
    this is constructive critic ok.

    you miss alot of stuff in this review.

    this is a refresh rate of 60 to 75 hertz , input lag of 6.5ms whit this monitor and also The ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV supports Adaptive Sync to reduce screen tearing when gaming. It's also compatible with FreeSync and NVIDIA's G-SYNC; adaptive sync that means for amd you need hdmi for use it whit freesync and for the Gsync you need a display port in order to enable ,and also flicker free,. you miss the capabilitys to play games whit this monitor i know this is not a gaming monitor but have all you need to do so at 75 hertz at 2560x1440 and is just 5ms gray to gray and thats is very good,. it woul be nice to see a section in game action on this review.

    in my country its not cheap this monitor its arround 450 US dollars and if i want a 145 hertz monitor it woul be a lot more money so i only have the money for this one an i used as a gaming monitor regardless.

    i get this info in here check it out they have good reviews.
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    It has terrible Mediocre black uniformity which is strange as it's meant to be a colour correct monitor.

  5. After using mah' trusty PB278Q since 2013 I finally bought myself a new freakin monitor and gave the PB278Q to my mother... :rolleyes:

    ASUS makes good monitors...
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    You hear IPS, you go away running for your eyes fatigue due to non existent blacks. We are reaching 2021 in a quarter. :confused:

    CRT > OLED > VA > all the other panels.

    I do not understand why inferior tech is so wide-spread. I recycled all my IPS/TN monitors and IPS TVs. VA and OLED only!
  7. Anything is possible. *shrugs* I can speak to the eye ... issues?

    I had two brain surgeries a few years back. I have nerve damage & some side effects. A series of MRIs found some physical problems with my Trigeminal nerve in the right and left sides of my brain (in the face). Compression on the nerves by blood vessels in one case / an artery on the right side in the other. The need to even look for this stemmed from a diagnosis prior to this. I'd been told I had a nerve disorder ( atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia.

    Anyway, the surgeries helped with the pain - like a lot bro - crap must still be healing cause it hurts like the dickens and I have to take medication still. Lyrica. Cymbalta. Topamax. Each at the maximum FDA approved daily dose & I have one Tramadol a day too. I drink coffee to keep awake pretty much lol. Like literally I'd fall asleep without it. I guess my point is my eyes do get very sensitive to crap Monitors and screens. I get what you mean, I can literally "feel them" lol it's like an unfortunate reality of having nerve damage.

    As far as the IPS - I think the ones that fail your sniff test are using PWM instead of DC? That's my best guess. I run the PB278Q in the pre-calibrated RGB mode, as I recall it forces the screen to 100% brightness (no flicker -
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    wait u saying VA have better color-accuracy compared to IPS ?
    if IPS is inferior to VA, then tell me why most pro-display still using IPS instead VA ? (wonder if there any VA professional display)

    each display tech have edge over other display tech, and those display tech keep improving
    saying one inferior over others is just for a person that lack information about the tech
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  9. Each panel is different and there are technological techniques that have assisted them. TN/eSports, although that is changing. VA/gaming. IPS/Photography, Great Colors. CRT (Honestly be pragmatic I love being a hobbyist but those times came and went)

    IPS has different "flavors" dependent on which OEM you're going with & with said "flavor" come better color space, response time, less backlight bleed (better panel production), the viewing angles IPS are known for. This can be said for anything almost, minus the backlight bleed that's just a side effect of the process actually. That aside, each other panel tech has had it's own drawbacks and vendor-tailored improvements I've noticed that attempt to aid.

    TN has especially been overhauled as opposed to a TN panel from say 8 or 9 years ago my god you compare the viewing angles on one to an MSI 2K 144Hz TN panel now, it's interesting how they've managed to actually get to a place where you have similarities with some IPS in viewing angles but naturally better response times. So there you have it some examples but not an end all be all yet. Hell some swear by QLED or OLED but even those two camps still argue with each other. Case in point.
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