Review: ASUS Maximus IX Hero Motherboard

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Mar 1, 2017.

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    We review the all ASUS Maximus IX Hero. Though very little RGB bling is injected, this motherboard is compatible with the new generalized ASUS AURA SYNC, which is a software suite that allows for mu...

    Review: ASUS Maximus IX Hero Motherboard
  2. CrazY_Milojko

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    Hahaha you tricked me with this one HH! I saw that "Hero" in article title and my brain automatically send me a message: ffs it's the review of Asus Hero for Ryzen!!! OMG, OMG, how is that possible, NDA still is not lifted, HH has to mention Ryzen in that review, OC... and then I've opened an article and saw that Z270 :bang: Heeeelloooooo... can anyone here at work put one more coffe for me, that previous one was obviusly nothing :D

    Nice mobo btw, well equipped if you ask me, personally I wouldn't ask for anything additional on some mobo for any of today CPU's. WiFi AC you're talking is missing, well maybe it's not that bad, at least for me, in my case all of my desktops are connected to home and office network exclusivelly by LAN cable and it'll stay that way, forever. Even my kids don't even want to talk about anything WiFi related on their gaming rigs: everyting is wired and they don't want anything wireless. Even my 9yo daughter ditched WiFi connection on her gaming desktop, wireless keyboard also, the only wireless thing she's still using is her mouse, it's just a matter of time when she'll ask for wired mouse I guess, like her brothers. Laptops and tablets we're using are different story...

    But that's just me, lots of gurus here I guess will find a use for WiFi, especially those one who live in rentend apartments, for me it's not a problem to digg some more holes and canals in walls of my house when needed and put some more LAN cables :)

    Nice mobo review btw... Now, lets wait one more day for Ryzen X1800 and Asus X370 Hero reviews here on G3D, can't wait, cheers HH!
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    First, thanks to Guru3d for being among the only sites that show the older processors in the comparisons!

    Second, you can really tell there's been a real lack of competition in the desktop CPU market when an i7-980x (released 7 years ago) still beats processors produced one tick and 5 tocks later... Or is it a tick and a tock, and a tick and 3 tocks later? Who cares?

    I hope this AMD processor tomorrow really shakes things up and isn't simply based around hype!
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  4. MainFrame Alpha

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    Strix GTX 980 TI
    thank you Hilbert for another great review, amazing how many CPUs you managed to test :)
    pretty sure tomorrow big review will not disappoint :nerd:

  5. Nanotek7

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    Nice one, great review. I can't believe they've not included Wifi capabilities, I think it's a must have nowadays and even more in a rog product at that price tag.

    On the specs page, you have listed a 2 port for wifi connection.
    Ps I don't think a 10gb lan port would be of use and it will cost them more to include. It was difficult enough already to make a file transfer @ gigabit speeds, I remember watching a video from Linus and even using SFP ports he wasn't achieving gigabit speeds until he managed to do some tweaking.

    Great product, I was considering it since my M8F died but the no wifi is a big con for me. Maybe there is something of the same performance/quality out there..


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