Review: ASUS GeForce RTX 2080S Dual EVO OC

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jul 28, 2019.

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    We review the what should be more affordable GeForce RTX 2080 Super Dual EVO OC edition. It's clocked a measly 15 MHz faster over the founders edition, has a reference PCB and custom cooler Will it b...

    Review: ASUS GeForce RTX 2080S Dual EVO OC
  2. Petr V

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    Gtx over 9000
    Too slow and expensive
  3. @man_daddio

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    RTX 2080ti 11Gb
    I had an RTX 2080 TI Asus Dual OC. It ran quiet and it overclocked pretty well. This card you are reviewing looks pretty much the same.
    I usually never care about the overclocks unless it's like a FTW version,as an example, or something like that.
    It really isn't a big deal having the Asus tweak tool open. You can easily overclock the cards with the sliders. And you don't have to be an expert to do that.
    The RTX 2070 super is a great card and has good value. But if you really want to push 4K you need to go to the 2080 Super for the extra little umph.
    It doesn't really matter what the prices are. There are people out there that try to buy the cheapest that they can buy but a lot of people buy based on the performance they need as well.
    In that case you take what's available and have no regrets.
    Tired of all the negativity because of prices. The RTX cards always performed very well. And the prices were not really any different than the Pascal cards. In fact the RTX cards were always a little faster at the same price range. The RTX 2080 TI was much faster at that price range. It kills all the previous Titan cards.
  4. Mathius

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    Rtx 2080
    A while ago you also reviewed the Asus Rtx2080 dual oc, which I presume is the predecessor of this model. You gave that one 4 stars.

    Comparing both, do you feel Asus has improved their cooler? Because from the 'old' rtx2080 I thought you said it's performance was quite OK. But there was a lot of coil whine.

    This one seems the opposite. No coil whine, but it reads as if it's barely adequate.

    So, according to you, did the cooling improve? Is it worse? Or is it about the same (mainly different looks) ?
    I can't really tell if Asus improved on the cooler or not.

    Thanks for your help,

  5. buhehe

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    R9 290 Tri-X Vapor-X
    It's not too surprising people don't want to pay the same price for the same performance that was yielded 2 years ago.
    Also kinda sad how the 1080Ti has a ton more VRAM than similarly priced and performing 2080.

    RTX is still a gimmick considering its stupid performance impact.

    And sure, the 2080Ti beats Titans. A $1200 card that, according to a Steam survey, < 0.5% of gamers own...
    ... beating Titans used by what, 0.1% of them?

    There are good reasons to consider this one of the worst releases by Nvidia, at least in the last decade.
  6. alanm

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    Asus 2080 Dual OC
    Also have a 2080 Dual, its an OK cooler (max 76c), very quiet and no coil whine. Some other guy here with same card had 80c+ and returned it. So not all coolers are consistent, this regardless of brand, model. Same with coil whine, you cant guarantee a card wont have it. Got mine because it has an A1 chip and price was discounted at the time ($710, usually $760+). But other than that, an average 2080 with a higher price than the others.
  7. Noisiv

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    2070 Super
    I've had Strix 2070 and now I have Dual 2070 Super. And despite Strix having custom "military" components aka Super Alloy Power II , while Dual having only reference components( I think) and having higher power consumption, the later turned out to be more silent card.


    Ingame Strix was the more silent one, barely audible. In reality if you're staying within the stock power envelope on decent temps, unless you're actively searching for their sound signature, neither one could be heard ingame due to game sounds.
    And If you turn fans to 100% they are both jets. Not R9 290 jets mind you, but still unbearable.

    Both cards came with Zero RPM BIOS, but in idle Strix was making all kinds of weird sounds, clicks and whatnot. No coil whine(!), just some $@#^&* annoying clicks coming from PCB.
    These clicks being only exacerbated with the random nature of their occurrences and with otherwise ungodly silence of the rest of the rig: Unless gaming or doing some heavy lifting, the only fan spinning inside my case is Noctua CPU fan@250 RPM. With other seven fans staying at 0 RPM.

    Good luck trying to RMA THAT:
    1. Sir my rig is totally silent...
    2. Working as intended GTFO

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