Review: ASRock Z590 Taichi motherboard

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jun 16, 2021.

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    Meet the Asrock Z590 Taichi motherboard. This product from the already well-known series (Taichi means Chinese martial art) focuses on bringing many features at a reasonable price. Well, it was like t...

    Review: ASRock Z590 Taichi motherboard
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    great review KH.

    if i was in the market for z590, this would be my board of choice. i had a good experience with the x399 tai chi and really this seems to be the same type of board (updated).
    the tb3 ports are an excellent inclusion that no one excepting asrock (and 1 or 2 gigabyte models) are offering.
    they could save some coin from eliminating the "cool" moving gear motor but that's just nitpicking.

    still no need from me to go back to Intel on a short lived platform and chipset.
    yeah, yeah, i know AM5 is around the corner, but that will probably last as long as AM4... or several times longer than any Intel LGA
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    Great review. Still, what is the point of this motherboard now?! Alder Lake is 5-6 months away, it will need a new mobo. I am not even going to go into AMD offerings that already exist. Market for this is basically bored people with a lot of spare money. So, a million, if it were Ferrari, and ~100 for this motherboard (not counting people that were gifted this board for review or w/e) ?!

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