ReShade - Advanced post-processing everywhere (SweetFX)

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    I used to use a Rome 2 preset with 1.51 but now it won't let me select shader 5 in-game, only shader 3. Is there a way to get to use shader 5 in-game and SweetFX? Thanks!
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    guys..i have 2 questions

    first..for Reshade 3 .. how to got all the shaders ..all of them? to make it work without issues for Freespace 2?

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    to get them you let the installation download all ?
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    Hello, can anyone help me with a custom SweetFX 1.5 Shader? It's a Fisheye effect for SweetFX, but it's crashing the game and i have no clue as to why, bear in mind that i have absolutely no shader programming knowledge or skills whatsoever!

    Here's the code:

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    Just an FYI to anyone who is playing Borderlands 2 and using sweetFX configurator and is using Nvidia Physx. The configurator installs 2 dxgi files that if kept in the game directory, will prevent physx from being ran on your GPU. All you have to do is delete the 2 files dxgi.dll and dxgi.fx. Not only will they prevent PhysX from running on your GPU, they will give errors on launch.
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    Is Sweetfx 1.5.1 latest traditional sweetfx? I feel like reshade is too heavy and I don't like having too many effects and sliders just are not my thing...
    1.5.1 was easier to config in .txt for me. I just dropped my files in every game and that's it.

    edit: Nevermind. I've found out all I wanted:
    Last classic pure .txt based oldschool sweetfx is 1.5.1 and boulotaurs 1.5.1 which adds 64bit and few of his own shaders.

    Then there is sweetfx 2 which is only available in reshade 1.1.0 and 2.0.3 but it's also purely text based. Reshade just adds splash screen, so it's also pretty clean method.

    And reshade 3.0.7 is newest thingy. It works flawlessly but I really really dislike using sliders. They are too imprecise. Why not give an option to type in all the values? Also - why do shaders have to download rather than be included in 3.0.7 download already?
    Also - added option to reset each shader to default would be cool too. After messing with sliders for some time, I cannot get the effect to look normal again.

    So someone please clarify do I have this right?
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    Anyone here want to share me a decent setup for dragons dogma please?
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    latest version is 3.08 and ctrl+clic into value window allows for typing the desired value. hit enter and you're set.

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    Question, is it possible to add TAA shader in reshade in the future?
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    Ok. From the beginning of playing Battlefield I felt the graphics looked needlessly muddy. I always assumed it covered for poor graphics. I saw what was possible with SweetFX and was blown away. I watched several youtube videos on installation, but so far no joy. I see no changes in images at all.

    I have tried downloading v1.5.23364 and installing a couple different presets. No change. I have tried downloading the SweetFX-Configurator_standalone_with_SweetFX_1.5.1. Imported the same presets. Again. No luck. I am sure it is something small. but what am I doing wrong?
  13. Guest

    I don't know if people are reading this thread anymore, but I've started coding again.

    SweetFX have been absorbed into the collection of Reshade shaders. I don't know if I'll release it seperately.
    Currently I'm trying to clean up the collection as much as I can and guide it towards something more user-friendly.

    Reshade 3.x is now immensely more userfriendly than the mess that was Reshade 2s standalone GUI.
    In-game menu makes changing settings a lot easier, although it still needs some work.
    On the programming side shader effects no longer tie into to one another so I don't have to adapt my code to everyone elses or have others mess with my stuff. That's nice.
    Although the many new added effects and the changes that needed to be made to allow for live editing of settings in UI, have made compiling the effects take much longer.
    Crosire is working on a new effect system that should help greatly with these issues.
  14. Guest

    No. To do TAA you need to shift the viewpoint a tiny bit with every frame - so you can combine the samples from both these points in the shader.
    Shifting the viewpoint of a game is not something Reshade can currently do and I doubt it ever will because that is not something that you can changes without having the injector designed especially for one specific game. Reshade tries to be a generic tool for ALL games, not just one specific one.
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    Reshade is great. Works with every game I've tried.

  16. Guest

    Spent part of today implementing scanlines and simple dithering for Nostalgia.

    Starting to look much more oldskool now but there is still lots there can be done.
    I've also switched to calculating color matching in linear color space and its getting better results but I still want to try other color spaces to see if I can get even better matches.

    I originally had plans to implement a CRT shader seperately but now I think it can be part of the Nostalgia effect.

    Speaking of CRT effects - I recently added the Layer effect.
    It's still very basic but I plan to add many more features that should allow users to make their own images and blend them with game image using various different blend modes - currently only one is implemented and it just takes an image an stretches it across the screen so it's best if that image is the same size as the screen.
    But it will still let people who know how to wield an image editor to make their own CRT patterns and vignettes and other effects you can make with just overlaying an image.
    Perhaps custom help screens with crafting tables in your favorite RPG?

    Anyways I plan to expand that so lots of different effects can be achieved by users without having to know how to code - which opens up making effects to more people than just programmers.
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  17. seam

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    CRT filter is the exact reason ive looked into sweetfx and Reshade, however neither work for me. I am trying to simply add a crt filter to no$psx (a psx emulator that has no grafx options)$

    Can anyone test this out? I have gotten reshade to work on things (never gotten sweetfx to work on anything) and im wondering if im doing something wrong. I cant figure out. I just wanna apply crt to this specific emulator. (im not interested in other psx emulators).

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Hello! I've not played Skyrim LE since August of 2018 according to Steam. When I played last it was working so imagine my surprise when I fired it up and got a

    "The procedure entry point CreateDXGIFactory2 could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Windows\System32\d3d11.dll"

    Never saw that before, and I've used this ENB / SweetFX preset ( for ages with no errors like that. So I've updated the .dll of both ENB and SweetFX, making sure the SweetFX d3d9.dll is the same name as the proxy (d3d9injFX.dll) and, same error, how do I fix this? Besides deleting the Proxy settings out of ENBLocal.ini and the dxgi.dll file which disables SweetFX entirely but the game loads fine. >.<

    Update: Well, that works, just don't know if it broke SweetFX or not, I copied the dxgi.dll from /system32 and it loads. So if there was any hacky things done to dxgi.dll those got undone and probably SweetFX isn't even loading. But I did isolate it down to the dxgi.dll file being, at a guess, too old? The one in the SweetFX 1.5 (SweetFX 1_5-23364-1-5-[].7z ) is from August 2012 if the creation date is accurate. o_O
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    ill just put it here, so iv re installed bf3 recently..., what is the to go method now to change mainly colors and such?
    id prefer a tool that does not need installation and is easy to set-up, is reshade the latest big boy in town or what?
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    yes it is....

    here are some links:

    quoting one of the shaders avaiable in that Pack:
    Theres also MULTI LUT:

    You can install "ReShade" via its setup, or do it manual, how ever you like...
    In game you can change and see the settings in realtime.

    Hope that helps...
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