Replacing old rad, but with what?

Discussion in 'Die-hard Overclocking & Case Modifications' started by Darkasantion, Oct 17, 2009.

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    Right, I think my "little" Black ICE Radiator GT Stealth 360 ain't up to the task anymore of cooling my Q9550 and HD5870. The temps over time on both are getting higher, which means not all heat is getting "removed" by the rad.

    So I'm going to replace it with a "big" 360 rad, yet my question is, which one is the best for this?

    I know the ThermoChill PA120.3 is considered to be a very good radiator, as it has a very low impact on the flow rate and also delivers very good cooling performance at medium fan rates(I'm running all 3 fans at 1200 RPM), but I now also spotted the Black Ice SR-1 360 and I'm wonderig how the good SR-1 is compared to the Thermochill PA.

    Eventually I want the best "big" 360 rad there is, regardless of price, so is the SR-1 thé best there is, or is the ThermoChill, or maybe another rad a better option?

    I'm running a setup with a Laing DDC1 10 Watt pump(soon 18 Watt) with Pro Top, a HeatKiller 3.0 and an EK full cover blok on the HD5870.
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    The ThermoChill PA120.3, XSPC RX360, and TFC X-360 are all pretty much on par with eachother performance wise. The RX360 and X-360 I would say are better choices if you want ease of use as they use standard G1/4" thread whereas the ThermoChill uses G3/8", and they have standard fan spacing.

    I haven't read or heard anything about the HWLabs SR-1 360 so can't comment on it.
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    my feser xtreme 360 seems to be performing quite optimally with 3x yate loon fans. since its the only rad i've owned, it gets my recommendation. i've herd its even better than the thermochill...

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