Replacement for Atrix AT-520W (PSU)

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by MrIbra, Aug 4, 2007.

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    Good Day!

    Yesterday I thought it was time to dust out the computer, rearrange the cables and just fiddle a litte. When I pulled out the power cord I noticed that it was extremely loose. Something wasn't good. I decided to take a closer look at the PSU and saw that the socket had cracked into pieces and all the pins were loose. With that said, I now need a new power supply.

    The broken power supply was of the Atrix brand (AT-520W) with a single 12v rail @ 25A according to the spec. sheet. After a recent purchase of a X1650XT , the computer wouldn't always start up as easily, which probably means that PSU was working at max.

    The question is what PSU one should get.
    I've heard that Corsair's HX520 is a nice one when it comes to quality & performance, but there has been very mixed opinions on the noise level.

    My system:
    CPU: AMD64 3500+ (Venice)
    RAM: 3072 MB DDR (2x512 + 2x1024)
    VC: PowerColor 1650 XT 256 MB
    MB: ASRock Dual SATAII
    HD: Hitachi 80 GB (SATA) - Seagate 200 GB (SATA)
    Fans: 1x80mm intake.

    What should one go for?
    All advice is most welcome!


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