Renoir; a gift that keeps on giving'

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  1. AMD Ryzen 4000 Mobile APUs have had no shortage of news in the press with leaked benchmarks & specs long before their recent arrival on the scene. It's safe to say AIBs are having no shortage of demand with AMDs new CPUs practically making its own news with a variety of premium "feats". AMD has made a "technological comeback" in the mobile market with their latest offering. Renoir continues to slowly, but surely churn out more makes & models in the notebook space. Saying I'm pleased with what I'm seeing would be an understatement.​

    Recently @Hilbert Hagedoorn posted an article Ryzen 7 4700U with 8 CPU cores tested with PCMark10 Benchmark discussing leaked Renoir benchmarks from a Xiaomi laptop in development. Additional reports have since surfaced. I'll refer to this click here for conversation sake as it complements the Guru3D report. Discussed is pricing, lineup and approx specs. It's an exciting offering comparable to MacBooks, but the PC market. I also saw a report of Huawei working on a Renoir Matebook-refresh. Pretty cool stuff to say the least. If search enough you'll find many vendors are adding Renoir in their business & consumer lineups. The popular HP Envy x360 - 13z-ay000 now ships running Ryzen Mobile 4000 with a 15" option. This discusses that topic (3 days recent time of post)
    HP Envy x360 - AMD

    I'm pretty glad that common house-hold brands like HP Dell etc are adopting the architecture into their existing lineups; this is exactly what I was hoping to see and I can only hope will add to more users adopting the new architecture & aiding in the improvement of it over time. I'm sure with Windows 10 having numerous methods of Telemetry enabled by default the average user is submitting "feedback" regarding diagnostics & debug related info on their hardware without usually being aware but then again I have a feeling a decent amount of that lands up back in the hands of the OEM and or part manufacturer - that being AMD or Intel. Anyhoo - just feeling good about the current set of hardware AMD is releasing​
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    I just ordered a 4500u laptop. I just gave away my HP x360 2-in-1 14" (i5 8265u / HD620) and wanted something a little better. I was going to buy lightly used, like I usually do, but this was hard to pass up:

    Lenovo Flex 5 14" 2-in-1 Laptop $600
    Vega 6
    16gb ram (soldered)
    256gb nvme (back cover easy to open and upgrade)
    1080p IPS / backlit keyboard / Digital Pen

    Benchmarks online show it's stronger than my 4790K desktop is. In a ~bargain laptop. That's crazy! I'll see later this week...
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