Remaster Classic Games with NVIDIA RTX Remix

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    Nvidia showed an amazing technology that could soon become a standard modding tool.
    NVIDIA RTX Remix allows you to improve the graphic design of older games/productions.

    Artificial intelligence "takes on" the ambitious task of remastering games. A great tool to automate and speed up the process of updating the graphic designs of old classic games. From now on, remastering old titles will be much easier. Nvidia RTX Remix can update the graphics of older works almost automatically. This is good news for modders.

    This change could come as a major relief for fans as they won't need to buy the remastered version of the two games but rather, simply use the mods created with the NVIDIA RTX Remix tool, which was announced earlier at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) September 2022 event. The tool allows the creation of mods that enable the presence of features like Ray Tracing in older games.

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    If they did this for Doom 1-3, Half Life and source, Duke Nukem, and other old school games, I would really consider RTX NOW.

    Imagine old Dead Space series, Resident Evil PSX on emulators running with pure RTRT!

    Yeh, I love old school gaming aesthetics even more than new...
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    Bully Scholarship Edition, that is all.

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