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    For a while now I've been trying to diagnose the cause of frametime spikes that i have been experiencing in a few games. For testing, I'm using X-Plane 11. These are very regularly timed stutters that create an awful feeling even at high fps.

    Initially, I believed this to be related to GPU usage, but that doesn't seem to be the case. At a locked 60fps with 60-70% GPU usage, this can still happen, although the graph shows much more attenuated spikes, almost flat, and the feeling is greatly reduced (but still there).

    I believed this to be partly related to MSI Afterburner, as if i disabled the monitoring overlay, the graph would flatten and the stutters would stop, resuming when re-enabling them.

    However in some cases, enabling the MSI overlay is what FIXES the stutters, and disabling the overlay or closing afterburner can reintroduce them.

    Ever since i first noticed this, I swapped GPUs from a RTX 3060 to a 4060, and it still happens.

    Freesync with Gsync compatibility seems to help a lot, but it's still there if you focus on it, and in some cases freesync just does nothing.

    As a side note, i am unable to run on any fps lock that is not my native refresh rate, doing that will cause that exact regularly timed stutter sensation to happen (although nothing is visible on the msi graph).

    I have used DDU to do a clean reinstall of drivers, as well as testing several combinations of freesync/gsync and vsync, at this point i'm at a loss, i've been searching for answers for months without any progress being made.

    My monitor is the LG 29UM69-G

    edit: Apparently the image embed is not working so here's the direct imgur link:

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    Try using a program called PowerSettingsExplorer to modify a clone of the windows High Performance Profile (like Bitsum High Performance or Ultimate Performance) to enable the setting: idle power disable. Then enable that setting, and that'll produce some more heat at idle (that's how you know it's working baby! :) ), but it should be manageable by any decent cooler solution... good enough for testing purposes anyways. Like if, you're cpu cooler can't handle it while gaming, then you're on a laptop. While gaming it won't add more to your temps, just when it would otherwise be idling. It's not like it'll be producing heat as if you're running prime95 on all cores or anything crazy like that (nothing against prime95, it's great).

    Anyways, if that solves the problem, then it's probably a DPC latency issue. Crap USB driver or something like that. Or disable anything deeper than P2 power states. Or IRQ sharing stomping on each other. Or windows error reporting spamming logs for some service being dumb. Could be anything. You could just stop there and use that power profile while gaming, or go down that rabbit hole... your choice.

    If that doesn't do it... I dunno, start killing processes and services. And, yeah, afterburner probing hardware can cause latency spikes -- same with gpu-z or whatever. The fan profile is usually OK with the hysteresis feature enabled (2C or higher), and set to check ~3 seconds... I also run it on lowest cpu priority. But simply disabling cpu idle with a custom power profile should take care of all normal-ish DPC latency issues entirely.

    EDIT: software that came with your mobo, for controlling fans or rgb lights can do it too. Gaming Mouse software like LCore. Background Intelligent Transfer service... That spyware hardware on your cpu doing whatever it does whenever it feels like... yada yada. Like I said, it can be a rabbit hole you may choose to not go down.
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