Reducing PCI-E traffic

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    I was wondering if there were any .inf modifications that you guys know of that would reduce PCI-E bandwidth use. I am asking because I and many others run an external graphics card off of a laptop,and we can only use x1 and x2 links. See for details on the external card setup if you're curious.

    When Nvidia released Optimus, a compression method was introduced that only activated under a limited set conditions. The main requirements are that a fermi based GPU and Intel IGP must be present, and the fermi gpu must only have an x1 link. It has not yet been figured out how to enable this compression on x2 systems and non-Intel IGP systems.

    Any help would be appreciated. For example, when looking through nv_disp.inf myself, I don't understand where all the new registry keys are added. I only see the code that deletes all the old registry keys prior to installing a new driver. So even some pointers on how Nvidia's setup files work would be helpful, but the holy grail would be for someone to know how to enable the PCI-E data compression.

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