RCMP Officer Killed in my town

Discussion in 'The Guru's Pub' started by volkov956, Oct 8, 2007.

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    Its been a couple of days since it happened and noticed no one posted about it yet but look up here for the recent RCMP Killing


    Drug Runners got him figures actually since they are pretty much moving freely up here as well as the dealers. We got a dealer in every crescent or block at least.
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    I suppose it didn't get posted cause we cannot post every murder that happens every day... In that case I could currently go on a massive thread spree.

    Anyways, shame it happened.
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    That sucks. I keep saying we need more officers all over the place, especially here in Toronto (well it IS the biggest city in Canada...). Sadly its part of the job, but that doesnt mean it sucks when it happens. Stupid crime *shakes fist in anger*
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    That's too bad. I was actually just several blocks away when a police officer here in SF was shot to death by a fugitive during a shootout last christmas. A huge convoy of police vehicles sped by, and 5 minutes later an ambulance escorted by several police cars raced back. I saw on the news the next day that a police officer was shot in the head and died at the hospital. So that ambulance with the escort that I saw was trying in vain to get the mortally wounded officer to the hospital... Pretty crazy...

    Me and my girlfriend had stumbled upon the crime scene too, and I asked another officer what was going on. He grumbled, lied, and said, "fire." and then walked away. He must have been pretty upset...

    Here's an article about it: http://cbs5.com/local/local_story_357202517.html
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    More officers might temporarily quench the symptom. I believe the only effective and lasting way to get crime rates down is to analyse every crime and get to the root of what caused it, then fix the root problem. By getting to the root i don't mean the actual crime itself i mean what caused this man or woman to commit the crime.

    For example a deadly shooting:
    A human is gunned down, the perpetrator was on drugs and needed money.

    What is the root of this?
    A. Is guns the cause?
    B. Is drugs the cause?
    C. Is money the cause?

    Lets assume B then why is he using drugs?

    and so on.
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