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    I had to turn my Visio in because of screen damage, and i decided to get an RCA this time. When my PS3 is hooked up it will not go to the XMB menu or anything like that, and when the PS3 game loads and shows up on the screen it is at the game start menu, it does not show the intro or anything, this only started to happen since i got this RCA tv. I am bout to take it back and get a Sanyo or something,

    Only reason i did not get another Visio is because the contrast ratio

    Visio = 700:1
    RCA = 1500:1
    Sanyo = 1500:1
    Emerson = 1000:1

    I can tell a difference in the IQ of the Visio and RCA when i play COD4 or GTA4. But i REALLY liked how easy the Visio was, this RCA is horrible it also shrinks the screen, so i have to change the format of the tv each time i go from PS3 to Cable.

    So im asking is, should i go with the Sanyo, Emerson, or get another Visio?
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    Sanyo or back to Visio, Emerson is poop. I tried it and returned the same day, as it wobbles pictures is bland and cheapy creeky plastic. Sanyo is my best bet since you arleady tried Visio, do they have Memorex?

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