Ranks Games - Val/CSGO/leg etc - Time for a change?

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    I think its time for a change on ranked games.

    For years your rank is based on how the team plays a team but after all these years I really think it should be changed.

    When playing as a team, unless you are a 5 stack of mates etc normally the game is a crap show.

    I would really like to see one of these games change things around and base your rank on your own performance.

    For example:

    Your team wins the game and your top fragger. You get a good amount of points but lets say you did terrible, only a few kills, and a lot of deaths then you should lose points.

    Or your team loses the game, badly but your still top fragger on your team by a good amount you should still gain some points. You get me?

    I am so sick of being one of 2 or 3 people on a 5 man team who has game sense or can aim and the other 1 or 2 seem to be new to pc gaming and have not got a clue or we get someone who is just trolling or messing about or even people who listen to music so cant hear the game and die etc.

    It really puts me off games and I am liking Valorant. I quit CS:GO years ago due to this kinda thing and I have never touched it since.

    What are your thoughts on this?
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    To this day, the most toxic online community I ever encountered was in Rainbow Six Siege. And I think the main reason were ranks being earned as a team.
    If you are playing as a stacked team of friends, coordinated and friendly. The game can be a lot of fun.
    But for randoms', it can devolve into a nightmare in a heartbeat.

    Several times I saw people getting really mad at another player because he couldn't clutch a win. Even when it was a 5v1.
    Or griefers and trolls that enter a match just to ruin any chance of the team winning.

    And I have to agree that it really sucks to play a good match, doing things right, playing the objective and losing rank, just because part of the team was slacking off.
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    This is online gaming in a nutshell: if it's team based in rank or outcome, you have to be lucky to win, even when performing exceptionally well.
    This is a very basic concept, and I guess, the best one to try and get people to work together as a team.
    If you prefer to be solely based on your own performance, maybe a team based game isn't your best bet on having a good time? Maybe a simply free for all or deathmatch game mode would be better suited?

    I understand your point of view, but you should ask yourself how good the balancing of teams actually is, if you get noobs all the time. That comes down to what devs actually do about it...
    Or if the game's simply dead, like Overwatch, where you end up with morons more than half of the games simply because the player base is so small that they have to reach deeper into the barrel to get a fish to fill your game.
  4. Horus-Anhur

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    But if I lose a match in Insurgency of Battlefield, I don't lose rank.
    If I lose in Overwatch or R6S, I lose rank. Regardless of playing well or not.
    This is the issue we are talking about. Games that base the player rank, on the performance of the whole team.

  5. H83

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    I agree with you dk but this isnĀ“t an easy problem to solve.

    Maybe the score should be equally split based on collective and individual scores?

    This way, if someone performs terribly but the team wins, he only gets half the points. And if the opposite happens, then only half the points too.

    But the bigger problem is how to reward team play? Because sometimes a good supporter is as important as the player that gets all the kills, but the support is rarely rewarded by his team play...

    Personally, i basically stopped playing online team games because of the time we need to dedicate to be any good but there was a time when i played a lot of CS with some guys i knew on the game, and it was lots of fun.

    But i also experienced the other side of team playing on Dota, when i was blasted for playing poorly on ranked matches... I gave up on the game after that, too many guys acting like their lives dependend on winning their games...
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    efficiency ratings.

    work pretty well for sports and you can weight metrics to get good results.

    ie scoring weighted above assists.

    but you can build models for any area i wager.
  7. DocStr4ngelove

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    You will find this stuff in a lot of online team games but not in all.

    My best matches were in Insurgency Sandstorm Hardcore lately. 99% of ppl seem to be Pros and the n00bs play the normal (action) mode.

    Win win for me

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