Random Surround issues on boot

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    Hi Folks,

    For a while I've been having random issues with Surround when booting up the system. I'm running Windows 10, GTX 980 SLI with the latest drivers.

    When booting the system one of 3 things can happen:

    1. Surround is working normally, life is good.

    2. Surround claims to be enabled in the nvidia control panel but it's not actually enabled and Windows has booted to the center screen only (side screens are on standby). I have to disable then enable Surround to get it working again. And then life is good.

    3. Windows has booted to the center screen only. There is an exclamation mark in the control panel asking me to update the configuration. Hitting Configure then activates the side screens and running through the Surround configuration gets it up and running again. And then once again, life is good.

    It seems to be random which one of those 3 scenarios happens on each boot. Sometimes it's working, sometimes not.

    Any ideas how to solve?


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