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    Great, glad it worked out for you.

    Do you get the voltage readings in Afterburner? They were not in the log you sent me. I put them in the skin as "GPU1 voltage" and "GPU2 voltage"? If you do them get in Afterburner, can you confirm the data source names? If you don't, then you'll have to do that first if you want them in Rainmeter.
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    The plug-in has been updated to resolve this problem. Any data sources not found will now display as 0. You can download version 1.1 from the first post.
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    As stangowner already replied, this is due to the fact that I set up my fan profile in this particular way. It's directly related to the current temperature. If it's 1°C the fan fill only spin at 1%. If it's 70°C the fan will spin at 70%.
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  5. stangowner

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    MSI Afterburner 2.1 beta5 and later has an updated shared memory format. I am aware that this plug-in for Rainmeter no longer works with the updated Afterburner. I will update the plug-in shortly (hopefully tonight).
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    This plug-in for Rainmeter has been updated to take advantage of the changes in MSI Afterburner 2.1. It is backwards compatible with 1.5 - 2.0 as well. You can download the updated plug-in from the first post.

    Previously, the only parameter available for the rainmeter .ini skin files was DataSource. This instructs the plug-in which data source to query for the current data. In addition to this, 3 new parameters have been added: GPU, SourceId and GpuDescriptor.

    Hardware Monitoring Data:

    You can still access hardware monitoring data by name. However, you can now also access this information by GPU and SourceId if you are running Afterburner 2.1 and later.

    For example, the following code is still valid and will work properly with Afterburner 1.5 and later.
    DataSource=GPU usage
    This next code is another way of querying the same data, but will only work with Afterburner 2.1 or later. The SourceId value is the decimal equivilent of the hexadecimal value listed in MSI Afterburner's SDK.
    DataSource is more user friendly and recommended for global sources like Framerate. But GPU and SourceId are prefered for skin developers as single GPU skins will continue to function in SLI/Crossfire environments. For example, you do not need to change "GPU temperature" to "GPU1 temperature" (like Cybermancer and 9kracing mentioned on the first page of this thread). It will continue to work, and simply reports the data from the first graphics card.

    GPU Information:

    It is now also possible to query Afterburner to get specific details of your graphics cards so you can display this in Rainmeter. To access this data, you use the GPU and GpuDescriptor parameters.

    The GPU parameter is the index of your video card starting at 0. If you only have one graphics card, this value will always be 0. Users with multiple cards can use 0, 1, etc to query the respective cards.

    The GpuDescriptor parameter dictates what data you want to return for that particular card. The valid values are listed below in bold, along with some sample data that was returned.

    GeForce GTX 280
    Driver, ForceWare 260.89

    For example, you would use this measure to return the display name of the primary graphics card (simply change the GPU=0 to GPU=1 to get the name of the 2nd card in the system):
    I have updated the original single gpu skin to demonstrate how to use these new parameters. You can download it here. I have not update the dual card skin yet, but can if anybody needs it.


    If you have any questions or issues, let me know.

    - Nick
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    it can't work on my computer

    I'm using Windows 7 Enterprise 32bit, MSI Afterburner 2.1.0 beta5 and Rainmeter 1.3 32bit.
  8. stangowner

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    You sure you downloaded the 32 bit dll and placed it in the right folder? Are you getting any errors when launching rainmeter or loading the skin? Also, Is MSI Afterburner actually running at the time?

    The only strange thing I see in your picture is the "°C" labels are not showing properly. Maybe try removing those from the skin's .ini file on lines 380 and 405.
    Text="GPU Temp: %1°C"
    Text="PCB Temp: %1°C"
  9. tewrqazbn

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    the "°C" labels is because i'm using chinese version of windows

    it's not a big problem:eyes:

    and the skin works after i delete the dll in Plugins folder and place a new one.

    thanks :)
  10. AllGo'N'Show

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    Hey guys,

    Installed the plugin and provided skin for MSI AB, I finally have most of the data reading but using the newest skin with the Beta 2.1 that is out. I am getting all of the readings except;

    GPU Voltage
    Shader Mhz
    PCB Temp (Probably not on my board)
    Memory Usage.

    Name, driver, bios, hdw id, core & mem clock, gpu usage, gpu temp and fan speed all work.

    could it possibily be my card or something else going on?

    Also looking at making this the same format as my ForceX hardware monitor skin, I am getting the hang of editing some of the skins but not pro yet, anyone got any good pointers or super quick and want to add it in for me??? :D

    Thanks all!

  11. stangowner

    stangowner Guest

    Have you enabled them on the monitoring tab in the settings? Are you getting them in Afterbuner?
  12. AllGo'N'Show

    AllGo'N'Show Guest

    Options I have in monitoring graphs in MSI;
    GPU Temp (working on MSI+RM)
    GPU usage (working on MSI+RM)
    Fan Speed (working on MSI+RM)
    Core Clock (working on MSI+RM)
    Memory clock (working on MSI+RM)
    Framerate (working on MSI+RM after enabling)
    Fan tachometer (working on MSI+RM)

    I take it since these variables do not show in MSI they may not be available for this specific card? That's ok I guess, everything that MSI is showing it can show.

    Any way to control fans with RM and MSI?
  13. stangowner

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    You can call MSIAfterburner.exe with any of its available switches, like changing profiles for example.
  14. glmooreky

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    Can't Get Card Name to Display

    First off lemme say that I love this utility. But it seems that I am having a problem with the utility displaying the name of my graphics card. All that shows is "0". I haven't changed anything in the .ini file and I have downloaded the updated .dll for the 32bit system and placed it in the correct folder. But the name will still not show.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. stangowner

    stangowner Guest

    Can you post a pic of the information window from Afterburner and a pic of the rainmeter skin? If nothing jumps out, I may need a few days before I can test as I'm in Chicago on business right now.

  16. Thanks for the work you have done so far! Its awesome!
    Can you still update the dual-card skin? And if its not too much, skin it with the gnometer settings? I tried, for a day of so now, and I am really not getting anywhere trying to update it.
    Thanks in advance!
  17. stangowner

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    There is a Gnometer skin version available here.

    Have you tried this one?
  18. stangowner

    stangowner Guest

    Yeah, I can update that one for the new features. However, its going to be a few weeks before I'll have time to look into it. I'll reply here when I do.
  19. Much appreciated!
    I will continue to try my hand at it and if I make any progress I will post here also.

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