Raid 0 v Bigger Hard Drive

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by xXJumbaXx, Jul 25, 2008.

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    I have a 32gb SSD as my system drive. Unfortunatley Vista and all of its updates plus drivers are taking up too much space, so that I have to do a disk clean up and delete everything in the temp folder everytime I use a program.
    Do you think I should go for a 64gb SSD and sell off the old 32gb SSD or is it worth me buying a new 32gb hard drive and setting it up in raid 0. I don't fully understand this but I believe this gives you double performance but an extremely high failure rate? Will this happen with SSDs as they have no moving parts? What else do I need for raid except 2 hard drives? Is there a book or a guide of how to set raid up or just fit in a new hard drive somewhere on the internet which you could give me a link too?

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    There is not Extremely High Failure rate with Raid 0, the only problem that can happen to it is that if one of the Harddrives fails you will lose all your data since Raid 0 Splits Files on half for each drive, but thats merly imposible to happen on a SSD drive. ;)

    Soo i think than another 32gb Drive would be the best option for your pocket and Performance wise.

    Looking at wich Motherboard you got, you need anything else. The Instructions for raid Comes in The manual of the Motherboard.

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