radeon9800pro works with my 250watt

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by 7.Liverpool, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. 7.Liverpool

    7.Liverpool Guest

    hey guys
    i would just like to let you guys know that with my computer and it's 250watt PSU, my new PowerColor Radeon9800pro works like a dream.

    before i bought this video card i was so scared that it wouldnt work because i had such a pissy PSU. However i took the risk and bought the card anyway. I would have bought a new pSU but i needed more dollars.

    when i installed it, my computer is stable...no random reboots or anything. Ive been playing warcraft3 and ut2003 for about an hour straight now.

    Im also running a BenQ 52x24x52 burner, samsung dvd-rom, 2 92mm Zalman fans at 1600rpm and 1 80mm fan (dont know what rpm).

    i get about 5555 points in 3dmark2003.
  2. David Deed

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    sweet, whats your powersupply?
  3. Dzhedaj

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    Congrats, means your power supply is high quality and it's max output is close to it's specification.
  4. THunDA

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    congrads dude... might wana look into one in the future tho ..if the one ya have now works but is being stressed it might not last long..


  5. 7.Liverpool

    7.Liverpool Guest

    its an aopen 250watt with Noise Killer.

    yeh im gonna get a new case and im gonna chuck in a 400watt and extra fans for it.
  6. sabby

    sabby Guest

    ya mine works fine with a 250 watt power supply was going to upgrade it but hade no reason i have the ati radeon 9800 pro all in wonder works great well have fun with the card it great

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