Radeon Settings Lite Windows store app. How to install.

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    Well I figured out what I think most people issues were with getting the app to install.

    Situation is I and am sure other were trying to install the app while we also have the non windows store radeon relive settings installed. This is where the problem arises and halts the radeon settings lite from installing with us all getting the same error.

    Solution I found yesterday. DDU the driver and all, restart, and either install just the driver and radeon settings lite app.

    I discovered this by accident yesterday morning while install the latest AMD chipset drivers for the x570 boards. I was using an all in one chipset package for 19.10.8 and did a clean install which also nuked my graphics driver and the all in one package then only installs a graphic driver included in the all in one but no settings. Since I had previously tried to install the Radeon Settings Lite it was still pending. After the restart, windows installed with no error.

    To install just the driver, you need to either download the stand alone driver or do a custom install and uncheck the settings or install the app and then driver both worked for me.

    Not tested but you should also be able to side load the app too.

    Keep in mind this app will always error if you are trying to install it with Radeon Relive Settings already installed. You can only have one or the other.

    Why you ask. Radeon Settings Lite is much much faster the Relive Settings from the driver download. Also Radeon Settings Lite is smaller and uses less CPU.

    To Update the driver and keep Radeon Settings Lite: Use custom install with the regular download to update just driver and keep the radeon settings lite. Untick Settings on a custom install.
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