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    So, I've recently built my first computer. Quite the beauty, but that's beyond the point. I connected a monitor through HDMI to get everything going, and since i ordered a second monitor and DVI cable (single link though they both support dual link), I figured i'd go the dual monitor route. It wasn't displaying anything though, but I figured: eh, it's windows. I'll reboot. So I did, and the other monitor displayed the BIOS just fine, up until the windows 8-style boot animation. As soon as the lock screen appeared, the monitor lost signal and never regained it. Restarting the monitor didn't work, and neither did reinstalling the cable. I know the monitor and cable work, since they displayed the BIOS just fine.

    I have the latest AMD drivers installed, but I disabled catalyst control and gaming evolved app since they were more trouble than they were worth.
    The GPU is fully powered, correctly connected, yada yada yada.

    The DVI port and the HDMI port in the gpu slot are being used, the box states that up to 4 monitors can be used.

    The cable i used was of cheap design and as a result the screws meant to hold the cable in place are not functional. I double-checked to ensure the cable was secure however.

    Oh, forgot to mention! Windows only detects one display when I go into display settings.
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    A shot in the dark, but try uninstalling with DDU, and in your next installation DO install CCC, but do not install Gaming Evolved.

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