Radeon HD4000 Series DXVA fully restored under win7/8/10

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    gigabyte gtx 970 4gb
    Here is how i got my old crappy hd4350 (old pci slot)
    hardware acceleration working, dxva win7/8/10 32bit, not yet tested on 64bit but i think it should work also, my mobo is kinda crap coz its intel d425kt with onboard atom cpu, i was able to get 1080p movies working

    What i used:
    Catalyst 10.7 32bit (if u got 64bit system u should get 64bit)
    Catalyst 13.12 32bit (if u got 64bit system u should get 64bit)
    Digital Flem Legacy Modder tool Guide and Download (google it)

    U need to download drivers and tool.

    1 Get your gpu working using Catalyst 13.12 (u should have it, must be this
    driver version) (u may use windows 7 compatibility mode on windows 10
    on setup.exe)
    2 Extract Catalyst 10.7 using installer(do not install it)
    3 Follow instruction guide and mod driver 13.12 using 10.7
    4 Use display driver uninstaller in safe mode and remove all amd driver
    5 Restart
    6 U need to go testmode to use unsigned drivers
    Command Prompt as admin and:
    bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
    bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON
    7 If u are in test mode u click device manager graphics update driver select
    driver u modded 13.12
    for me its Radeon Hd4300/4500Series (FLEMMOD)
    8 Restart

    U are done.

    Catalyst Control Center may not work.
    Youtube 1080p videos works under Internet Explorer,
    dunno why Chrome dont want to
    Dxva Checker may give u error, but dont worry dxva should works fine

    Tested on VLC, Media Player Classic Home Cinema
    using K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1185_Mega Codec
    u need to enable DXVA Native on codec setup.

    Kodi works also as other stuff what use DXVA.

    on Chrome also decoding should be green in Chrome://gpu
    tab without using #ignore-gpu-blacklist

    All tested on 1080p videos.

    Tried to mod few driver versions. this combination of driver versions give no screen tearing while on desktop, and no bsods on windows shutdown/restart.

    Hope it will help someone.
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    Since forever, the setting that was enabling dxva on pci 4xxx cards was DisablePCIEx1LaneUVD to 0. Most probably modded drivers sets this custom setting to 0 thus enabling hardware acceleration. Also, everyone can manually set it by dxvachecker tool.

    Interesting, latest legacy driver available from official amd site is 13.9, why do you recommend 13.12 specifically? Not working catalyst might be no go for some people..
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    Gigabyte 270x 4GB
    Great post mieciu184, as for the control center there is one that can be installed. See the guide http://digitalflem.mydiscussion.net/guide to get a working CCC installed.

    Extracted from my guide...
    • Download AMD Catalyst WHQL 14.4 and extract it to the default folder. http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/amd-catalyst-14-4-whql-(14-100-april-17)-download.html
    • Open FLEM, select the 14.4 package and select option 4 only in FLEMs task selector, click customize driver.
    • After FLEM is done customizing that package goto where you extracted the package and run Setup.exe.
    • Make sure you uncheck the driver and AMD gaming evolved app in the list then go ahead and install the package.
    • Reboot (Disabling Driver Signature Enforcement again).

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