Radeon 6800 XT (Ref PCB)

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by Jonnygrunge, Nov 19, 2020.

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    Hi All,

    Will be getting a new 6800 XT when available in the UK.

    Does anyone know if or what AMD AIB's will use the reference PCB's or there own design? Asking as I believe the MBA reference design production halts in early 2021. With full card production handed over to AIB's.

    Reason for the question is I am looking to install the EKWB Radeon RDNA2 block and backplate, which is only compatible with reference PCB.

    Good luck next week all in the hunt for one when more become available to pre-order!
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    You may be waiting a very long time for that card since as you stated, the reference edition is slated for EOP early in 2021.
    Personally, I frown on this behavior by AMD of putting a reference card out there advertised at $649.
    To then not properly stock the pipeline and further cancel production without giving consumers a chance to purchase it at the MSRP.
    Given the massive shortages, the card should have been offered for quite a bit longer.
    It is lending credence to the rumors of reference cards being priced simply to drive 'mind-share' without actually selling them at MSRP.
    Very disappointed to see AMD engage in this behavior.
    Greed seems to know no end with these companies.
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