r9 390x 8GB problem

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by Alberto Marian, Oct 14, 2019.

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    R9 390x 8GB
    Hello! I have a videocard r9 390x backplate 8GB 512mb. So! My problem is when start my pc.
    I start the PC all ok but when I have to actually enter the desktop the video card stops and no longer signals. This problem is only done when it is cold. If I let it warm up it wants 5-10 mins and I give it restart everything is ok.
    I have a ga a75m ds2 motherboard with a6 3650 quadcore 2.6GHz. 12Gb ram and njoy agon600 PSU. What is the problem and how can I solve it.
    PS: Now it does not signal anymore after it warms up.
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    Probably dead. Try a diferent psu.
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    Idk if we should blame the gpu, seems lke you have power issues. I would also try a different psu first.
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    Anything less than 850w, 750w, 650w depending on certification (plus, bronze / silver, gold / platinum, titanium) is a high risk.

    I blame psu, 290x and 390x are tremendously power hungry cards. Your psu has a max of 80% efficiency as it is only plus 80 certified. You are capable of handling smoothly around 500watts at best or less. You cannot run demanding hardware.

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    If the power supply is out of warranty, please replace it with a good quality Seasonic, Corsair, FSP or similar-quality unit. I would recommend about 600~650 watts is a good price to performance with that card and the rest of the system (the rest of the system is anything but power hungry from the specs you described - but the video card will happily pull 200~300 watts on it's own - it's a pig).
    That being said, an A-series bulldozer CPU is much past it's prime and not capable of feeding that GPU very well, even if you threw another GHZ on the clock speed of it. Consider replacing the entire system if/when budget allows, or retiring it with only the integrated GPU as an email machine. If you can't afford to replace the entire machine, replace the power supply with a good quality name-brand unit. Read up on power supplies before buying to find out what is hot and what is not, or just pick up a SeaSonic (they cost a bit more but they will last you a long time and are less likely to murder your components and/or explode). You do NOT need 700+ watts for that system with a functional, reputable power supply, even with that GPU and a better 105w cpu in the future. You can usually find a good price on Seasonic's 620 watt unit at Micro Center or online, though even a formerly Newegg house-brand Rosewill PSU will be leaps and bounds than that NJoy Agon which is now A-goner.

    --Good luck.

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