R5 - 5600 + A520 (PC reboots loop / not booting from bootable usb)

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    Welcome everyone to one hellaofaride!!!.

    This is a long story about how I fuk*** up so many times in so many levels and I´m asking for help.

    Will try to answer live since have no PC, no games, and is a long SUNDAY with no PC and have to wait for new pieces to arrive, so will try to burn as much time updating this thread with my fellow guruians, love yall, hope we can learn something from this and make my pc work, while leaving some learning experiences.

    Looking for:
    1. Find a solution
    2. Leave a "what not to do".

    R5 2600
    Asus Strix X370-f (6042 BIOS)
    2X4 DDR4 3000 TeamForce Delta 2
    1000W PSU NXT HALE90
    6600XT (Hellhound)
    1 HDD (backup files and old W7 OS, not used in like a year) (has 2 partitions 125 + 125 )
    1 SSD - Sandisk 240GB (exclusively for OS - W10 20H2 or the likes)
    1 SSD - Kingston 480GB (exclusive backup, never installed OS)

    R5 5600 (non X)
    2X4 DDR4 3000 TeamForce Delta 2
    1000W PSU NXT HALE90
    6600XT (Hellhound)

    PART 1

    TLDR: HELP NEEDED: (you might need to read the wall of text below to have more info about my questions)

    1. How do I recover a corrupted BIOS after a failed bios update?
    2. Is it "easy" using a BIOS programmer + trying to convert *.CAP files to *.BIN
    3. Am I getting into 1usmus territory to do so, while I´m just a simple mortal who loves to read hilbert reviews?
    4. How much more can someone fuc*** up if I order a preloaded BIOS chip from ebay and try to desolder / solder it back? onto the motherboard.
    5. Is it worth other options, or do I have a fancy x370 gratter?

    PC was completely functional, except for some random shutdowns here and there while playing dota 2. Never had a chance to troubleshoot the issue and was never something that bothered me much since they were rare, while playing, not while working, not even during heavier gaming like Prey or other games, just DOTA2.

    I found a cheap "open box" Ryzen 5 - 5600 from amazon and bought it, thinking I could just update the BIOS of the mobo and use the new CPU, great oportunity.

    ***ISSUE 1.
    I removed old CPU and installed new one with previous W10 pro 20H2 (I guess cannot remember well)
    After installation, PC starts normal, posts BIOS, and everything seems fine, but when the dotted circles that apear when about to start w10, PC freezes and does nothing.
    After multiple restarts, PC start in a reboot cycle and panicked.

    Did a lot of thing to restore the bootable, LIKE A LOT.
    Fast forward history... brother who is more knowledgeable than me manages to use a W10 image from other PC or acronis something like that to boot into a "cloned" W10 image and everything seems to work fine.

    ***ISSUE 2.
    After fresh W10 PC, just shuts down / restarts out of the blue, we suspect is probably SSD being corrupted/damaged or the other SSD or HD with old w7 OS making some problems, we format from a usb bootable W10 the OS-SSD and the OS-HDD (w10 and w7 repectively), SSD is simply not holding the boot partition and we go back to have loading OD screen in loop or restarting after bios posting.

    installed in HDD in the clean partition and we uninstalled all other drives, W10 succesfully boot w10, we can use w10 for a prolonged time and can connect my other drives. Next idea is to back up what I need from my OS-SSD to the other SSD and delete partitions and everything from HDD (partition 1) and SSD EVERYTHING and have a fresh start; we managed so and finally took my pc back home with basic drivers and fresh OS)

    ***ISSUE 3
    After installing, chipset, audio, video, programs and utilities I restart PC (talk about 3-4 hours of use) I restart PC and boom, same issue, PC looses boot partition and go back to loop restarts and showing "trying to repair PC " and getting there indefinitely. By the time this happened, it has passed 3 days of trying to make this thing work with no luck whatsoever. Brother decides to do again a fresh OS installation but leaving nothing but one SSD installed.

    I decided that maybe BIOS (6042) is the issue and maybe going one lower (6026) that according to ASUS it is what supports r5 5600, so flash the BIOS. I´ve done that at least 4 times with this MOBO since bought, back to 2018, never had an issue other than bios flashback not finding the files, if not placed in c: and being extratec in folder (no rename, no nothing special) just download, extract in C: and flash bios from withtin the BIOS It sels using the bios flashback utility, never touched a thing, just let tit do its thing and 5 misn later done, hassle free.

    But this time I ran it from a "new" USB which was formatted by rufus to have ubuntu and w10 dual boot, so I just thought "Ok it is just gonan read the BIOS file from this stick, so do the same as the HDD in C: and jsut paste a folder with the BIOS file".... NOPE, idk if it was the problem the usb had other files or was formatted by rufus, but utility CRASHED at half of the BIOS update F**CK MEEEE!!!!!.

    This is the beggining of a series of disasters.
    Again tried to use an array of solutions:
    --crash free bios 3: using a usb stick fat 32 and the latest bios in the usb port where ethernet port is as well) / FAILED. Gave 2 short beep - pause - 2 short beeps no info about that in the manual, no video, no post, just a CPU LED error and previous beep errors.
    --Use the DVD that mobo has and run it to make it run crash free bios 3: NO VIDEO, 2 short beeps-long pause- 2 short beeps - NORMAL beep of BIOS POST - followed by NO VIDEO, NO LED errors.

    HELP #1.
    Can somebody try to help to diagnose what the issues is here (beyond the obvious failed BIOS corruption due BIOS update crashed)

    Let me make you some pause, cause this is JUST like 25% of the fuc**ery that has happened and it is just a fast resume of a hell of a week, and I mean 8 freaking hours a day, 7 days trying to make the PC run AND STILL NOT WORKING.

    Go for snacks, leave the thread or please join me in part 2


    PART 2.

    1. What PC part might be the issue if using a completely brand new SSD (240GB) is recognized in BIOS but w10 usb bootable is not booting?
    2. PC reads a W10 cloned image, but just loops restarting, what should I do?
    3. Cannot pass from bios post or infinite loop restart trying to install W10? althoug, usb stick can be booted from other PCs (older ones of course)


    After my brother and his son (I "trust" both since they earn their lives fixing PCs unlike me, but they tend to be sloopy / careless and break stuff since client has to pay) have get their hands on the PC for a whole day trying to fit clamps to use a BIOS programmer, they broke one of 9 pins of what was a service header (gonna quote what I found " " I decided that enough is enough, and If I leave them to keep on experimenting on my PC will get to the point of no return.

    So I go to buy a new motherboard "A520M H (rev. 1.x)", cause lets be honest, would like to buy an x570 to change the old x370... but it costs 5 freaking months of saving, so it is out of the budget by A LOT, yo put some perspective, we are talkign about 2 months of my complete income, btw my salary is right in the median monthly income of my country, so to make it fair, take your median monthly income of your respective contry, multiply it by 2 and that´s the price of an ASUS X570 Strix mobo, you tell me if it is worth it.

    Lets continue:

    We pluged the basic, CPU and cooler, one RAM sticker and GPU, just to check if we did not fry anything else (like the GPU after dropping some fuc***ing beer on it.... god why!!). VOILA first signals of life and finally some real progress after 2 steps forward and then falling from the 3rd floor, we go back on foot at least.

    PC posts bios, screen shows BIOS, everything seems to work, soooooo, after being super happy that disaster is somewhat over and we just need to install W10, i moun everythig back, clean everything and make cable managament, BOOM, PC is just at one hour to be ready.

    Thee SSD (240GB) is being cloned to add all the software and minimum drivers with a tool my brother uses for all his PCs he repairs and installs W10... PC DOES NOT BOOT AGAIN.

    ****BACK TO SQUARE MINUS 75 (USD) (the cost of the new mobo, here is somewhat expensive)

    So flashed the mobo with new F15 BIOS **PTSD intesifies** it updates properly and with no drama,
    -inserted the USB with the dual boot w10, PC simply does not boot from usb.
    -Plugs the SSD cloned with w10 and it boots to windows (to the screen where the dots make a circle that is loading), it does no load / just goes on and on forever.
    - Plugs HD with 2 partitions (one completely clean and other with backup files), it show message that no boot device is found.
    - Plugs again HD + USB to try to install W10... nothing boots, nor the USB no msg of no boot device found.
    - Presses F12 and select one of the USB partitions to make it boot, dots circle appears and one of the partitition makes the loading freeze and crash (dots do not move at all)
    - Repeat same previous steps, but choose the other partitiion, dots circle appear and just load and load and load and nothing happens.
    -Remove all hardrives and plug USB, same issue, just load and loads

    TBH this is a cry for help.

    So at this point, RAM, GPU, MOBO, storage drives, pretty much it all was tested, and was working flawless before the CPU change, but have so many damn questions, in 4 years since bought my old R5 2600 and was running it on W7, NEVER had a trouble, in fact, I was the one who installed W7 and made all the installation, maintenance and recover of my OS for 5-6 years with no problems, now after installing w10 after 1 year about, PC went completely ape sh*** and has made me brick a mobo, had to buy a cheap MOBO, not being able to boot drives, and even doubt in my freaking sexuality.

    I have not much spare money, cannot throw it a pc parts since they cost a lot, and have trouble at home to the point to need to save to move the f*** out, rather than spending in PC parts, but it is my only source of entertainment, leisure, my small space to escape from my horrendous existence and now it has been locked behing an insurmountable wall of problems hardware/sofware related in a span of 7 days, I'm writing you from a laptop which is the work laptop and try to entertain me with videos, reddit and the likes, but is not the same.

    Thanks for reading and hope can reach someone for much needed help.
    Can format it in smaller more detailed pieces, after all I have a long long sunday, with nothing to do, other than thinking, how can I recover my dear friend PC... I miss you mate, i really miss you!!
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    This is an unfortunate situation. I can answer some of your questions.

    1) You can only load backup bios with gigabyte motherboard.
    2) If your computer parts keep getting damaged for no reason, i'll suspect the PSU.
    Unreliable PSU are known to do damage to computer parts. Find another PSU to try it out.
    I would recommend getting PSU from Cosair or Seasonic and up to 750w is good enough for you.
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    RX 6600XT

    Interesting, what would make me think the PSU is the bad one, considering it is a 1000W 80+gold, but it is old, like 10 y/o?
    Migh that be, just based of how old the psu is?
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    As i mentioned, fautly PSU will break hardwares due to their old age and unreliable build/design.
    How old is your PSU ? Anyway try to get popular brand PSU like Cosair or Seasonic.

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    replace it.

    This is a tier c brand new, but after 10 years its probably tier F, for faulty.
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    LOL, love that rating, I guess will have to order a new PSU as well.

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