Quit game before stopping recording?!

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    I had a great game recording and may have lost it, not sure... I accidentally quit my game before hitting the stop recording key. File is saved , 25 GB worth, but will not open or play. Is there anyway to open/play/save this file? Please help me, and thanks in advance.
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    Yes it is possible, if it will work in your specific case is of course always up for random chances to intervene.

    What you first need is a recording with the same framerate and resolution so just use the same settings and record the same game for a few seconds it doesnt matter how long you may even already have a second working recording with the right settings.

    next thing we need is a hexeditor i would suggest this one

    finally we need a video editing software you can later in respective step try if yours accepts the work we have done but for a sure fire way i will list

    First step (after installing everything):
    Load up both the broken and the functional video fiel in Hex Edit
    you will see that the broken one starts with a fudgeload of zeroes THAT is the broken header that was not written because you diddnt stop recording.
    Scroll down until you start seeing things that are not 0 remember the line (on the left) and go to the healthy recording scroll down until you are at the same line. Now find the first line that is identical for both of them it may be directly after the zeroes in one test run i did it was "00dc ....... JF" but it might be something completely different in your case at any rate copy EVERYTHING before that line from the functional file move over to the broken file and select everything before that line and paste over it.
    Finally save the file.

    Second step
    You can play it already but you will see that it uses the length of the second video which you may not want this is also where you check if your video editing software detects it properly already.
    If not load up Virtual Dub and throw it in it will complain for a moment but load it make sure to set it to "direct stream copy" under video AND audio before clicking on "Save as Avi" under file.
    I recommend NOT overwriting the original file at this point.
    Virtual Dub only exports it with one audio track so if you need both you will have to do it twice (one of the reasons why we didn't overwrite the original file) and select the source audio in the audio settings

    Hope that helped your case fixed a few videos of mine and i know how much horror it is to lose footage and yes thats obviously no big guide i just quickly wrote it together so if you got questions go ahead and ask.

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