1. Hey guys, I'd appreciate it if some fellow gurus out there can recommend a good etailer that I could purchase quiet pc cases from in Australia. I've recently moved here and am trying to find someone that offers sound dampening foam etc as an option to add when buying a case.

    Also, I'm trying to decide between two types of 120mm case fans, mainly on which one is quieter. The ARCTIC F PWM CO or the ARCTIC F PWM. Your thoughts please...
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    The CoolerMaster Silencio comes to mind..

    Just be conservative with what you pack into it.. it's not going to cool exactly like a HAF or other airflow oriented chassis. For example if you are using SLI you MUST use rear-exhausting cards or it could be very problematic.

    I am not from Australia but I have heard about this e-tailer before as decent.. someone in AU can maybe confirm or deny that.. here's a link to Silenctio 650 http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=25_31&products_id=20944

    For quiet 120s I use Noctua NFP-12.. no experience with the Arctics

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    Bitfenix Ghost, Fractal Design R series, all Nexus cases.
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    Take a look at cases from Fractal Design, those generally do have good reviews and are silent. These arent even overpriced.

  5. Thanks guys for all the suggestions :)
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    Quiet, is not so much from a case,but from your hardware. If you want quiet,get a liquid cooler, newer video card, and of course,fans. The ultimate quiet rig, would be to water cool everything.
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    Depends where in Australia you are,
    In Queensland your spoilt for choice, in the rest of Australia. . . your pretty well Boned. . . Other than pccasegear.com in Melbourne Victoria.

    Where abouts are you Located?

    Umart.com.au is generally the same or slightly cheaper than pc case gear but it will come down to location for shipping or local pickup. . .

    Send me a PM and I may be able to help out as long as your along the Easten coast ;)

    Edit: Just read 'Central Coast NSW' tisk tisk. . . Queenslands the place to be,
    your smack bang between pccasegear and Umart the two best/ cheapest around Id check them both out and compare shipping costs, Watch umart and there 1.5% credit card surcharge though. . .
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    I can definitely reccomend the Coller Master Silencio series. I have a 550 Silencio and I am very happy with it. After I changed my very noisy CPU cooler, I am releaved how quiet it is at idle, the thing I might have to do atm is to either check on my graphics cooler or replace it. when I OC it to the max I can hear the fans on it. It's not too annoying, but wihtout that case I could get insane listening to it :)

    Currntly running my cou at the description to the left on a CM hyper 212 just picked up today, I am running primie95 and at 4.0GHz my CPU at this time is 63 degrees. Which is not bad at all - and I can't hear the CPU cooler at all - at least I don't think it is the cooler I can hear - I have a few HDDs in there I can hear - but again - not to the insanity lvl.

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