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    First, I lurk here a lot and have learned a great deal from you all so thank you. :)

    Anyway, I got a Crucial M4 128 SSD for Christmas and I'm getting ready to re-install Win 7 64. When my new installation is finished, I'm wondering which catalyst package I should install, 11.12 + CAPs or 12.1? I've got a complete AMD system, Asus M4A87TD/USB3 mobo with a Phenom II 1055t processor, so I also plan on installing the chipset/ahci driver as well. Are all those drivers included in the 12.1 package? Or will I have to install additional (optional downloads)?

    Sorry if these are newbie questions but I've absorbed so much information I'm starting to confuse myself. To be honest, I feel safer installing the latest WHQL drivers but if there are any other non-cfx SINGLE 5850 owners out there that say the 12.1's are a significant upgrade over 11.12, I'll make those my default drivers.
    I try to minimize my driver installations after a fresh install of Windows.

    Thanks guys, I'll answer any questions about my setup if you're curious.

    EDIT: Are there any advantage to installing the drivers on the XFX site here: http://xfxforce.com/en-us/Help/Support/SupportFiles.aspx?Serial=L4H210445
    Or Are they the exact same thing? It would be cool if they were optimized for XFX cards.
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    11.11c performance will be the best. Download it from AMD site . All others are Graphics Core Next optimised and you don't have HD7970.

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