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    AMD SAPHIRE 7970 - 3 Giga
    Hello everyone, good morning.
    *I am going to build one of these system.
    *In my city sells only KINGSTON ones.

    I am not sure about wich memories I can use in these motherboards.

    Here are the options:
    1) i7 2600k + mobo intel DZ68ZV ( I don't know what types of Kingston memories I should use on this mobo) I heard about issues using DDR 1600 . maybe I should use Kingston DDR1333 regular ones instead of hiperX ones??. I have read on intel web page telling to not use more than 1.65v, is highly recommended to use 1.5V memories. Theres diference of volts between hiperX and regular ones?

    2) MB LGA2011 Intel Extreme Series DX79TO - Box + ore i7-3930K (LGA2011 - 3,2GHz)
    I have the same questions about memories.

    In both Options I will use video card AMD HD 7950 or AMD 7970.

    PS: I do not like to use overclock

    Thank you in advance for all.
    Best Regards,
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