Questions: 6990 driver, downsampling, flickering.

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    Well too start off I didn't know where to post this but I believe it's driver related. I'm not as smart as some of these people on here so here it goes.

    I have a i5-2550(stock) with 8gb of ripjaw ram(2133Mhz) and an 6990 AMD 4gb graphics card running stock at 830Mhz. What I want to do is run games at 1550p, have no screen/texture flickering. Now I thought of switching to Nvidia since I have had alot of problems with my video card for the last 3 years. I have disabled Anti-aliasing and vsync. Unparked CPU, every WHQL update remove old drivers, safe mode and install new ones. Now that mantle has come out. I don't know if my video card supports it as I don't have the box or the knowledge.

    All I want is to run the games I play at 1550p, have no screen/texture flickering and be stable. I already play games at 250-400ms since living in Australia. As such do not know what I should do to combat my situation, hench this post asking people with more knowledge in this field to give me some assistance.

    I am currently running Windows 7 64 bit and all drivers so far updated. Video card drivers are Driver Packaging Version 13.35.1005-140131a-167669E-ATI, Catalyst Version 14.1, 2D Driver Version, Direct3D Version, OpenGL Version, AMD Catalyst Control Center Version 2014.0131.1535.27922. I want to downsample on top of this. Yet searching through the downsampling thread(as I have done for 1.5 yrs) I am lost currently and do not understand this mantle business.

    What I am asking is if you could give me a brief run down of what driver I should have currently? Does mantle work on a 6990? Am I best off switching too Nvidia for physx since my 250GTX and 6990 don't work on a 850w antec? Am I best upgrading in the next 6 months and if so what should I get.

    Current games I play are: Payday 2, Arma3, War Thunder, Insurgency, Hawken, Loadout and Planetside 2.

    With War Thunder I consistently move the plane around and the screen flickers and jolts. I have turned the graphics down and AA is disabled. The crossfire on single card is something that has been daunting on me for some time since I played World of Warcraft.

    I am lost and need a path to follow and hopefully my problems are driver related/ easily fixed by one of you techs :)
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    first your GPU is not supported on mantle
    second for flickering you now on 14.1 as you said did you have the frame pacing option in the catalyst control panel if so trun it on and also did u tried 14.2 it solved a lot of flickering problems you should try it

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