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    How do you obtain a Dutch national insurance number and what are the taxes like for working?

    Hows the current situation in Holland, good in general or a place of bad feeling?

    lots of jobs? manual or desk dsnt matter Im good at both.

    Whats it like living there, what I mean by that is the transport systems good compared to say the uk (very poor) and are essential shops close to all areas or is it a very spread out country?.

    Are the police any good over there, what I mean by that are they a police service or police force?

    How are the people?

    is broadband good?

    is tv good there? are there many english shows?

    are there many places to learn the Dutch language intensly?

    how often is refuse collection?

    Hows the government in generall,crooked or a bunch of kind hearted saints?

    Im trying to figure if its worth moving our family there in the next few years (3-5 years) from wales, thanks :D
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