Question Abouts some options in ECC

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    For Battlefield 3
    this 2 options helps in get better performance or quality?

    "AMD Optimized"
    "Enable Surface Format Optimization"
  2. flow

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    MSI GTX1080 2000Mhz
    Has to do with tessalation. BF3 uses that since it's a dx11 feature.
    Now maybe I'm wrong, but I tried the game at medium settings and it still looks good, seems that lowering my settings changes little, and fps doesn't increase much either.
    I have those ccc settings at default but maybe disabling them can improve things, although my setup doesn't need that so I leave it at default. Which is in my opinion the best to do to avoid problems with games.

    So it's for more quality.
  3. diogo_cme

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    Well.....if its like Crysis2, the tesselation is poorly optimized on AMD/ATI cards and will chew a lot of performance. Acidentally, I left my slider at 8x (both boxes unticked), which is what I used for Crysis2 - gotta try other settings with BF3 and see what happens, since I have no idea how the tesselation affects it. I know that it was a very problematic thing in Crysis2, hope BF3 implements it better.
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  4. Espionage724

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    Don't quote me on this, but I don't think BF3 uses tessellation (even though it's DX11). Someone correct me if I'm wrong :)

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