Question about maximizing Kanto TUK sound (connected to my PC)

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    Hello so I bought some speakers...excited to be blown away and although I love them I can't help feel that they should sound better if I somehow could optimize them more.

    Currently I use the USB connection from my PC to the TUK which is nice and much superior to Bluetooth. It also allows the volume controls to be linked.

    My mobo is a MSI Unify x570. It has some special realtek card in there but I am imagining that the USB out does not go through the realtek card... at least in my sound manager it does not appear to.

    The tuk also has a built in DAC for the USB in connection.

    My question is this:
    Would I get superior sound with RCA out from motherboard and a DAC such as FiiO BTA30 ( or 1Mii B03 Pro compared to USB out? Would this be the most superior setup?

    Finally, in your experience/opinion is it worth getting a soundcard such as the EVGA Nu Audio with the TUKs?

    Thanks I am brand new at trying to figure this stuff out and I can see why it is a hobby unto it's own the more I read the more I am confused and feel like I need a million new things.
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    Usually these active speakers that have digital inputs, like USB and optical, have integrated DACs and AMPs, that were designed for the drivers inside. So I would just use them with a digital input and not worry about it. Bypassing the internal DAC could change the sound a bit, but it would be debatable, if it will be for better or for worse.

    Before you start buying questionable upgrades, first try and play with speaker placement, tone controls (if they have them), or equalizer settings, to try and get them to sound like you want them to.

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