Question about 4x-16x Anisotropic Texture Filtering and Performance

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by BlindBison, Jul 7, 2019.

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    For example FEAR1 series has broken AF and uses bilinear AF.. to fix it you need to use ingame trilinear and force driver AF so it uses trilinear AF.

    There were quite a few u3e games that had similar glitch, but you had to fiddle with cfg.ini file.. Masseffect, bulletstorm,bioshock, killing floor2 and some more.

    Ingame.. driver af overrides that and uses 16x on all.

    Speaking of. I force only per game profile.. there are still some apps games that don't work nice if forced globally.
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    Just leaving an update for this that I found interesting. In Red Dead Redemption 2 with Hardware Unboxed's tests for that game, increasing anisotropic texture filtering did have a measurable decrease in performance.

    All things considered it was pretty minor (just a few percentage points moving from say 4x to 16x), but I'd argue the increase in visual quality from 8x to 16x is also pretty minor as well so I could see some users who want "every frame" in Overwatch or something leaving it at 4x for sake of example.

    TweakTown in their overwatch tests also found it had a very small, but still measurable decrease in FPS too interestingly enough.

    So, basically it seems like splitting hairs -- running 16x anisotropic filtering will result in slightly lower performance in some cases at least, but usually the impact is relatively small/only 1-2% even when going from something like 4x to 16x on modern gpus if that -- Red Dead 2 in those HWU tests seemed like the most noticeable decrease and even there it was like 2% between 4x and 16x iirc.
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    For best iq force af to 16x and clamp the negative lod bias.
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    Regarding performance, I think that 16x AF is worth even a few percent; 4x and lower are especially noticeable.
    Also, Horizon Zero Dawn had an AF slider that didn't work on launch, though this was patched and it works as it should now.

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    Same. Wasn't the case in the old days though :)
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    Very true.
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    I still force it on few games, thought at this point forceing it global should have no hit and should have no issues. some games have still have issue with AF and some dont even support it in there own settings which is odd.
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    Before 2005? Maybe. After that, performance has been negligible. I've had the driver set to force 16xAF since at least 2008 and have only ever had problems once or twice (an earlier version of GOG's client would glitch out with forced AF I can recall).
    And most games that have some kind of issue, have a separate block placed on their profile by Nvidia. So you can safely force it globally and never have a problem. (Tons of games don't even have options for Texture filtering, so if you don't force it you are stuck with awful filtering)
    It's absolutely and utterly absurd at this point that consoles like PS5 still don't have guaranteed 16xAF. It was absurd when PS4/XBO launched, it was absurd when PS4P/XBO-X launched and it's still just as crazy that somehow this causes significant performance issues on consoles with all their "To the metal optimization" on GPUs nearly on par with high end RTX 2000 series cards.

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