Question 8gb ram mix/match speed?

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards AMD' started by olapaulakoski, Apr 30, 2010.

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    msi hawk 5770 1 gb
    I work in video editing.:)

    I have 4 sticks TWIN2X4096-8500C5C. They are matched but dual kits.

    I have asus m4a78, in the bios i can choose between 200mhz, 233, 333, 400 and 533.

    When i set them to go 800mhz, should i multiply that with 4 now instead? Should i set it to 200 or 400?

    Does setting it to 400 make it 1600 instead of 800?

    And does ganged mode make 2 128bit channels or does it merge all four into one 128?

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    In the bios, Your ram is essentially working at double the rate that you set it at...I.e. setting it at 400 will run your ram at DDR2 800....

    SO if you have ddr2 8500, which should be rated at 1066mhz, you would set it at 533 in bios, which would put you @ 1066 mhz.

    Pay attention to the voltages required by your ram, and adjust that in the bios to match. MOST ram has a sticker somewhere on it identifying the voltage required to run at the rated speed and latencies.

    I believe that Ganged vs unganged most is identical to the older terminology of "1t/2t". IF your ram will run at its rated speed in GANGED mode, by all means run it at that, however you may find that either through trial and error or research that it simply wont work in that mode, than revert back to UNGANGED.

    The terminology of "quad kit" ram just identifies that there are 4 sticks of ram, not that you will get "quad channel" access. It is still Dual channel ram.

    Specs on your ram Per the internet:

    Product Features

    * The XMS brand family is Corsair's mainstream line of performance memory
    * Two matched 2GB modules for use with AMD and Intel DDR2 systems
    * Latency of 5-6-6-18 for maximum reliability and performance
    * Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty
    * 2 X 2GB PC8500 1066MHz 240-pin DDR2 Timing: 5-6-6-18 2.1v

    Technical Details

    * Memory Category: Desktop
    * Memory Type: DDR2
    * Memory Speed: PC8500
    * Memory Speed MHz: 1066MHz
    * Memory Size: 2048MB
    * Total Memory Size: 4GB
    * Memory Modules: 2
    * Memory Channels: Dual
    * Memory Socket: DIMM
    * Memory CAS Latency: 5
    * Pins: 240

    So looking over that, you would need to possibly set a number of items within bios.

    Voltage - May fail if not set to 2.1v
    Individual Ram timings - this can be tedious
    Ganged or unganged.

    There are a number of studies showing minor improvements in "speed" in ganged mode, however I believe that most DDR2 ram runs in 2t or unganged mode.

    Good luck and hope the info I gave you works out.

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