Quad or Dual? (gaming)

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards Intel' started by master shake, Jan 8, 2009.

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    Mutlicores are supported up to 4 cores in XP i believe, although Pro might support more...

    Rememeber, a 3.0 Quad beats a 3.0 Duo, thanks to the extra threads.
    A 3.0 Duo usually beats a 2.4 Quad due to clock speed.
    Now, if you are choosing between a 2.8 Quad and a 3.33 Duo, thats where the comparison needs to be made.

    Duo's and Quads still have a while to go, but over the next year, Quads (especially those over 2.8 GHz) will start to show their advantages. Windows itself is becoming more core optimized, and people are starting to use software scaling instead of defining code for only two threads (ie: automatically adjust based on the numbers of cores).

    I'd say get i7, otherwise get a Q9550. Quads reach 3.4 GHZ relativly easily anyways...
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    i would be going with a quad. q9550 as mentioned above if it has to be socket 775 otherwise the new phenom II seem good cheap (mobo ram really cheap) and quite efficient, or the core i7 920 as mentioned above (but the mobo and ram are like 200-300$/e more expensive than the counterparts for the 775 or the phenom setup)
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    E8600. 10x muti'. Easily oc's to 4ghz @ 400fsb. Going for 280. If you want some future proof'n get the q9550 round 300.
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    The conversation shouldn't have been carried out as long as it has been;

    Quad Core. The price difference of a quad compared to a dual is marginal. So you're really going to save a few bucks and ditch the future-proofing that the two extra cores grant you? Those two cores will give you a bit more life out of your purchase. Not only that but the quads, specifically the popular Q6600 overclocks quite high, similar to that of the popular E-series CPU's.

    You might as well get a quad if you're going to overclock. Even if you don't game, multi-tasking possibilities are even better! Encoding video, unraring, everything is faster.

    An E8400 is going for $169.99 on Newegg whereas the Q6600 is selling for $189.99

    Really? You're going to sacrifice those two cores to save $20? It's not logical.

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    Over the last few months I have really been doing my research on what I want to go with, and what I have decided is a Q9550. I just built a E8400 box for my brother and was quite impressed with it. Lucky bastard got the E0 stepping and we were able to get 3.6 out of it on stock cooling. But this will be the last system I build for a good 2-3 years, so I am thinking more about the future proofing with a Q9550. I would highly recommend the Q9550 for your cpu, and a good Gigabyte p45 board and you cant go wrong.
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    Tell me about it. Everyone is so ready to hand over the cash when they see the pretty specs "qx9550 @ 3.8ghz blah blah blah".. nobody actually stops to think.. "hey, do I really need this?".. "will software actually be able to utilize this chip" whatever money to be spent on a cpu would go much farther investing in a better vid card imo. Even if and when software does take more advantage of quads, another EXTREMELY important question arises.. "how MUCH does it take advantage?"

    To the OP: If you're looking for a board, that is easy.. buy the one in my sig. best dual and quad ocing board atm.

    As for your chip, if you can get a better deal on a quad, get it. if you can get a better deal on the dual, get it. You'll need to eventually upgrade it anyway.. we're talking about hardware aren't we? Get a couple years out of your chip, sell it before it drops too much in price, and put that cash and some extra cash into a new chip. Repeat :D
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    When they do manage to "perfect" parallel programming....there will still be a question as to how well they utilize quad core processors, as it will be largely based on how many instructions can actually be processed simultaneously. If the next 4 instructions in line explicitly depend on 1 instruction completing first...then you'll still have 3 of 4 cores sitting idle waiting for that 1 instruction to complete. 100% efficient core utilization is impossible...but if they can successfully implement parallel code execution (truly parallel programming)....it will be a huge improvement in performance for multi-core processors...specifically quads and up. Core i7 will be insanely fast on a program that can do truly parallel code execution while supporting HyperThreading...just think, 8 instructions executed simultaneously on a quad core processor...almost makes be start drooling...

    lol....that last parts sounds 100% accurate....I'm ordering a Q9550...should be here thursday since I'm ordering it with next day shipping and it won't actually process til tomorrow (it's 9:35pm here right now).

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