QNAP 4-bay TBS-453A M.2 SSD NASbook

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Mar 31, 2016.

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    QNAP released an M.2 SSD-based NAS - the TBS-453A NASbook. Featuring a quad-core Intel processor and using M.2 SSDs for storage, the TBS-453A not only provides full NAS functionalities with RAID prote...

    QNAP 4-bay TBS-453A M.2 SSD NASbook
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    I love how QNAP is competing with Synology both in hardware (using x86, upgradeable RAM, etc) and software but... this is a mixture of so many almost unrelated things that I'm bedazzled. What scenario is there where you can use most of its features?

    It looks like a very fine machine, no doubt, but it kind'a looks like they just started adding stuff randomly: it's a NAS that specifically uses SSD, also has TWO HDMI ports, it works as a router, it has a built in speaker, does virtual machines, and also offline and live video transcodes via hardware.


    I really think that QNAP is way ahead of Synology in a ton of things, but this... what the heck are they selling here?
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    Devices like this are so attractive. But in the end, what makes or breaks their sales is price per features delivered.

    I use OpenWRT with my cheap ass router. Made special configuration where WAN, LAN & WIFI ports act as they are ports on switch. No NAT, Firewall and everything advanced is disabled. Clean pass through.

    As there is no NAT, wireless devices see wired ones and vice versa. Everything gets public IPs and I can reach them from outside. Connecting NAS to Ethernet port will look for WiFi devices same way as if NAS had WiFi.

    As other example, my desktop fulfills Server role and "needs" public IP. But I play games on it too. And I have tablet with steam where I can use In-Home Streaming for games over WiFi.
    But before this modification, I had WiFi (tablet) behind NAT (on other network than Desktop). And as steam did not consider them being on same network it did not allow for streaming even though there was just 1~2ms latency.

    Only thing I would possibly miss on this TBS-453A is WiFi. But even so it looks quite cool.

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